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rather confused about this gifl list??

i was having a browse in another chat room about people having their gift list as vouchers for their honeymoon, but i dont really understand. i thought the gift list went out with the invites, but is the honeymoon usually paid for paid by that time? am i being blonde about this i dont quite understand! me and H2B thought it would be a good idea as we have lived together for a couple of years so have everything we need in our house.


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    There is no strict rule about when to book the honeymoon, or when to make the gift list available. I think its quite presumptuous to send out lists of what you want people to buy you, so we are waiting until people ask if there is anything we would like. In terms of timings, you could put the deposit down on the honeymoon, then hope that people contribute, or ask you travel agent if you can pay for it and thrn any vouchers you get, they can refund to you. It really depends on how you ask for contributions to the honeymoon. Have you seen its v pricy, but a good example!!
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    There's two types of honeymoon list appearing - ones tied to travel agents and ones which aren't.

    With the travel agent ones (Trailfinders, Thompson etc), you book your honeymoon with them and then guests contribute money towards your balance of the honeymoon, or to buy activities which the travel agent would then normally arrange for you. Typically, the couple never "see" any of the money that is contributed.

    The second tpye (, are not tied to a travel agent, and guests "buy" experiences off a list created by the couple. What they are actually doing is contributing money to a fund held by the company. After your wedding, the company would then give you the money (minus a commission - HoneyMoney is 9%, but Bliss List is only 1.5%) and leave it to you to book / pay for the items yourselves.

    If your travel agent has a lot of activities and things that you are interesting in doing, then they might be a good bet because they (should) take care of everything for you. If you want the flexibililty to ask for things not arranged through your travel agents, then you are better off going with the second type. Downside is the commission they charge...
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