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bridesmaid colours??

my dress is ivory with very pale blue beading, so for the bridesmaids i thought a deep blue would look great and the flower girls would have matching ivory dresses with the ribbons matching the colour of the bridesmaids. BUT now someone has said to me that emerald green would look good on the BM's so that my dress is different and would stand out :\? would that look great or would deep blue be better? anyone have any thoughts? i know 2010 is ages away but i want to start thinking of it now so i know exactly what i want when the time comes! :\)


  • sorry, no idea, if theres blue in ur dress id go for blue, id imagine with urs being a wedding dress it would look different and stand out neway!

    think im goin 4 a kind of pewter/dark silver colour

    c xx
  • Green is lovely for bridesmaids, but I think it would be nice if your theme was blue. There's not going to be an issue with you standing out - you're in ivory, and they'd be in blue...?!! Surely there's not an issue there!! Are you happy with using ivory/pale blue/deep blue as your overall colour scheme? If so, go for it, your original plan sounds good to me. image
  • Oh personally; Blue and green should never be seen unless on an Irish Coleen!! Its such a personal thing though. For me its the time of year your getting married that decides your colors. BUT, I seen pics of a wedding with dark blue BM's and they were fab! Thats not much help is it??!! I cant even decide myself!!xxx
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    I thought the saying was red and green should never be seen unless set upon an Irish Queen! O well lol I am having emerald green and love the colour but i think as your dress has blue beading the deep blue dresses would be so much better. Why would you have green when you have blue detailing on your dress??? And i can see what Limaechopapa is saying about you standing out - why would it be an issue?? lol

    Who was the know it all that put doubts in your head, it wouldn't be so bad if it was a good idea! Stick to your guns hun!! xx
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    I ahve always thought it was red and green should never be seen, but H2B always argues that it's blue and green, so maybe none of them should be seen together! I think you should stick with the blue, everyone will at least be able to see the thread with that, will green bm dresses look a bit random next to your dress with blue in it?
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    Here they are - BOTH sayings! lol

    blue and green should never be seen...unless there's something in between.


    Red and green should never be seen except upon an Irish queen

    So we're all right lmao I jst spent the past 9 mins looking thru junk for that hahahaha I'm off to bed now - too late for me! xx
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    thanks ladies, yeah i will stick with the deep blue! it was actually one of the consultants in the bridal shop that said emerald green would look good :\? blue is going to be the theme now that ive decided on that! H2B is going to wear the blue scotland tartan (if its kilts we're goin for) or a suit with the matching cravat to the colours.hes short so feels he maybe cant carry off a kilt
  • Im pulling rank here ladies...Im Irish!! lol! I love kilts but think you might be right. they do look better on taller men. Unfortunetly Iv a short-ass man too so no kilts for me either!!

    Have ye decided on a date?

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