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WINTER 2010 BRIDES!!!! (continued)

hey hunnies image:\)

where were we lol! image

sabina xxx


  • mintkittyukmintkittyuk Posts: 900
    as i was saying, sabina i might have found you a dress on ebay, not quite the

    moulin rouge one but i think its lovely plus sleaveless

    this is where its from if you like it, its only like 5quid which is really good

    your veil was lovely that you posted, i would love it but the dress i am thinking

    of buying off ebay comes with a veil (as shown in the pic). this is the dress i am

    thinking of which i can get custom made in any colour so im thinking pink or

    maybe grey with silver detailing or maybe light blue. not sure yet.

    h2b and i have also desided on black bridesmaid dresses with whatever colour

    i have detailing on there dresses, should look fantastic i hope. and we are

    definatly not changing the date since i really like October so we will be staying

    put there. lol. just wish it wasnt sooooo far away, i wanna get married tomorrow

    erin xxxxxxx

    (sorry about the weird spacing, random ad in the middle of my posting box)
  • sabina_coxsabina_cox Posts: 671
    i love both the dresses!

    wow with the red i love it!

    i love the dress you picked to if i didnt want red dress i would have it lol!

    the veil that comes with it is lovely!

    i did like the veil i picked! & the crystals would tie in with the cufflinks tiepins &necklace &earrings lol

    sabina xxx
  • mintkittyukmintkittyuk Posts: 900
    the dress for me they can do in any colour so you could get it in red with like white or silver flowers over it, would look very nice. i never really thought of looking on ebay, you gave me the idea. im going to get them to do it slightly different than the pic though cause they make them to your order to there a couple of changes i wanna make. im tempted to get the red one too, just for in case, or i could wear it round the house, lol. its just so nice and such a good price

    erin xxxx
  • rachclairerachclaire Posts: 261
    hiya girlies

    sorry not been on.

    i think we can't get onto last topic because we reached 150 replies!!

    Anyway love the dresses!!

    The red one is stunning too very striking!!

    Well done on making your mind up about staying with oct!! Although u still have time to change - or am i not helping by saying that!!!

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  • mintkittyukmintkittyuk Posts: 900
    i guess im lucky that my dress comes with one (assuming i get that dress which im pretty sure i will). i just love the flowers all over it, they're so pretty. but i didnt want a veil and if i was having one it wasnt going to be a long one, i might see if they can do me a shorter one as that one seems a bit tooo much. i dont know. im just so shocked at how good some of the dresses on ebay are and they are soooo cheap, ive seen some similar to the same make as yours ice and i was actually tempted even though i didnt like the one i tried on, i found one with like roses all over the skirt, looks nicer than it sounds. but i think that the dress above is my dress, almost postive. its a shame our old chat thingy closed or whatever, we must have really been talking a lot then. lol. no wonder h2b says i spend too much time on here.

    (the front of my dress)

    Erin xxxx
  • rachclairerachclaire Posts: 261
    it's a very beautiful dress erin.

    How much is it?

    Check all the feedback and get intouch with other buyers (click on the buyers name in the feedback) and find out how nice it was, delivery time, communication and final cost cause you may have to pay taxes if it's from another country.

    I now which dress your talking about in same range as mine. I tried it on and it was way way to big!!! it just had this huge skirt!! Did nothing for me!!

    Think i'm lucky with mine as it's not a typical one xx
  • sabina_coxsabina_cox Posts: 671
    its a lovely dress!

    may have a peek in the shop

    i was surprised how cheap they are

    some of the imported ones all the taxes are paid their end!

    its this end that you have to pay if there is any!

    but definatly check feed back

    sabina xx
  • Hey girls, may I join in too? Was going to in the other thread but it was all a little huge and you were all in the middle of chatting so didnt wanna interupt! Anyway, Im getting married on the 28th December 2010 and I cant wait!! Iv been tracking the snow over the last few years at Christmas and dont think I will get it but Im so looking forward to the crispness and cold of that time of the year. I havent booked anything yet but have my venue chosen which is fantastic. My theme is vintage so anything pearly or lace is catching my eye! I havent really decided on colours yet but love all the wintery colours so I dont think I'll be too fussy, whatever my BM's want!

  • sabina_coxsabina_cox Posts: 671
    hi vintage lover its thanks to your list that we found each other and are all chatting so of course you can join in! lol!

    welcome to the group!

    i think you ll find all our h2b's think we are obsessed cause we are on here everyday

    150 posts in what a week!?! lol

    how many b/ms are you having?

    did you read much of the other thread!?!

    shall we up date for you!

    i am sabina getting married 03/11/2010

    my theme has to change cause of my mad mother! (she has stolen my wedding)

    i am having 7b/m & 1page boy

    my entire wedding is being structured around children as we have 2!

    sabina xxx
  • ohhhhh I havent even checked my list thread, the last time I looked I was the only Dec!! Shall go take a peek now and catch up. Im on here everyday too but when I started coming on here there was only a couple of 2010ers so i forget now that this is a really active thread!

    Anyway, Im having 2 BM's, my neice as my 'sparkler girl' (Im having loveheart sparklers instead of bubbles/confetti so she will hand them out to everyone and also having a fire show at the end of the night which is when the sparklers are to be used!!!). Loving all your plans so far, wish I was brave enough to wear a coloured dress!!

  • mintkittyukmintkittyuk Posts: 900
    hello vintage and welcome to the gang. im getting married 1st October 2010 (technically not winter i know). ive got 3 bridesmaids which im going to be putting in black. We are getting married in a church, which is booked and having the reception at our favourite restaurant which is also booked. best thing about the weddnig is either my horse and carriage which is booked or the string quartet which i need to send the deposit for. its all so exciting. your wedding sounds lovely, love the idea of sparklers, im thinking about the sky lantern thingys.

    this is the shop i am getting my dress from

    its a little bit more expensive than some of the shops on there but they have been recomended by people on here and i would rather not be worrying loads about it. should still be under 200 which i think isnt bad.

    sabina i think that dress is lovely, there are some really nice dresses on there, i think i might see about them doing my bridesmaid dresses as well, i might get a discount, plus the colours will match exactly if there all done by the same people.

    also tomorrow h2b and i are going to our favourite restaurant (where the reception is being held) for sunday lunch with my parents and his mum and her partner, its the first time they will be meeting and i am soooooo terrified. i really hope it all goes well. fingers cross. but on the plus side i do get to have lush food, its so good, mmmmm, i cant wait.

    erin xxxxx
  • sabina_coxsabina_cox Posts: 671
    awww hun i hope it goes weel for you to!

    is the food as good as subway!?! lol

    vintage i love the idea of a fire show!

    &i look ill in pale colours because i have very fair skin!

    & red is my colour! lol

    forgot to add h2b wants fancy dress (with a magical mystical theme) for the evening reception

    it is a good shop!

    so they do bridesmaid dresses!?!

    i only saw brides dresses!

    i am waiting to hear back from the hotel

    sabina xxx
  • mintkittyukmintkittyuk Posts: 900
    if you go onto there website

    there are pics of some bridesmaid dresses, nothing special really in the pics but they can make anything you ask, and i just want black empireline dresses with a sash and beading in the colour to match my dress so pink (like the flowers) and im probably going to have a grey/silver dress, so silver beads also. with any luck should be really pretty and a really good price. the food is better than subway so you can imagine it is just that good. amazingly good. cant wait for the food, its pricy though, we are paying for lunch for the 6 of us which will probably come to about 200quid, nevermind ay. just hope everyone gets on and we have a nice lunch. what are you waiting to hear form the hotel about?

    erin xxx
  • sabina_coxsabina_cox Posts: 671
    itif its nice food then its worth every penny!

    may have to come try it out! lol!

    i hope it all goes well hun really! let us know!

    i wanna look around the one that does the £2000 deal!

    cause we need disabled access for h2b's dad!

    sabina xxx
  • mintkittyukmintkittyuk Posts: 900
    it is the best food ever and i cant wait to eat lots. mmmmm. my mum asked me if we were having a starter or dessert and i said both, she looked at me with shock and disguste cause im just far too fat and shouldnt eat at all. nevermind i am going to enjoy my meal tomorrow and i might start my diet monday i think. need to lose a bit for the summer as all my summer clothes are a 20 and im a 22 and i really cant afford new summer things. 2k sounds pretty good, what does that include?

    erin xxxx
  • sabina_coxsabina_cox Posts: 671
    hey hun!

    as mika say "big girls you are beautiful"

    its my anthem!

    &hey if we were all ment to b skinny god wouldnt ve invented food! lol!

    2k includes 40guests for wedding breakfast 60 to the evening £45 every extra for the whole day £12.50 for the evening only! its the best deal around! (i asked a friend that used to be a hotel manager) what are the resturant charging you !?! think we get brdal suite as well!?! but will have to check! lol

    sabina xx

    p.s i am a bridezilla lol
  • mintkittyukmintkittyuk Posts: 900
    the restaurant dont charge us for having it there which is good, we get the whole place to ourselves and its £40/person for a 5 course meal which is really good, and that includes some drinks, not entirely sure exactly what drinks. lol. so for my 35 people that going to be £1400 and then its £350 for the hotel for the room for the party bit so i think im doing alright. after you saying big girls you are beautiful i have gone onto additions direct and bought some nice white linen trousers in a 22 and saying stuff it. lol

    erin xxxx
  • sabina_coxsabina_cox Posts: 671

    big girls are more fun!

    i am in a 18-20 !

    that is a good deal!

    as long as the hotel has disabled access we are going with it! i dunno i had it all sorted then my mum came along & blew it all out the water! cow! lol!

    sabina xx
  • mintkittyukmintkittyuk Posts: 900
    we have just got back from lunch and it went really well, h2bs mum moaned about the food but she waited til we got home to say that it was too deorative but it tasted nice? what the hell, strange woman. my folks and his seemed to get on well and the food was so good. i had vegetable and stilton soup, followed by chicken with truffle oil potato mash and veg (pumpkin, mmm) and then cheesecake with lemon sorbe. was sooooo good. im so stuffed. lol. i needed to speak to them about us having a string quartet during the meal since i rang about 2 weeks ago and havent heard back and they have said i am going to have to call them tomorrow to speak to the owner as to weather they have the right licence and insurance. need to know cause i wanna pay the deposit soon. i dont think i could put up with your mum, but i guess you have to when its your mum, you would think she would behave more though, but i guess not. have you got a link to the hotel so i can have a nose? hope it all works out for you.

    erin xxxx
  • sabina_coxsabina_cox Posts: 671
    yeah its

    my mum is a nightmare! i am used to her! just ignore her now! aw hope they can have the quartet there!

    glad it went well today! what is h2bs mumlike it was too decorative! lol

    sounds lovely!

    sabina xxx
  • mintkittyukmintkittyuk Posts: 900
    i know, shes a strange woman. lol. going back there though has made me think maybe i should make the wedding a bit more gothicy cause that would go really nicely with the restaurant. its so hard to deside on anything. lol

    erin xxx
  • mrscabbottmrscabbott Posts: 209
    Hi everyone. Thought I would join in coz my wedding day is the 5th dec 2009. So excited but want it to come quicker!! What's everyone doing for favours? What about table centres? I'm so stuck for inspiration coz everything is spring/summer themed! Found a small amount about winter weddings but would be good to find out what you're doing!
  • rachclairerachclaire Posts: 261
    hi girls

    Wow you guys have been chatting away!!!

    Sabina your dress is gorg!!

    The detail is beautiful.

    The colour is really nice too.

    Can i just say welcome to the other girls that have joined us!!

    I've noticed you've put your date in as 3/11/2010 Erin?

    Have you set your date now then?

  • mintkittyukmintkittyuk Posts: 900
    my date is still the 1st october, where does it say the 3/11/2010? how odd. desided to stick with the original date.

    welcome mrs abbott, im not entirely sure what i will doing for favours yet but im thinking probably fortune cookies. im decorating my tables with red roses and red rose petals, assuming my colours are still red but i feel a change coming on again. lol. i changed to pink yesterday but changed my mind again, i feel my colours may be plum or burgundy by tomorrow but who knows. need to make a desition at some point but not too worried as long as i dont change my mind again after i have ordered the bridesmaid dresses. lol

    erin xxx
  • rachclairerachclaire Posts: 261
    Sorry hun

    I'd read it wrong.I'm still hung over!!!!imageops:

    I took my sister today to our venue and she loved it so i'm happy about that.

    We are going to see what the weddig co-ordinator will do for us now before we put down our deposit. We want them to hold this years prices and i also want them to give us the hunnymoon suit the night before free. I don't want trditional buffet food we want bacon and sausage baps and lots of cakes etc!! They mentioned a black and white dance floor so i want that included in the price - Don't want much do i!!! image

    We should know soon how much the venue will be so then we can start palnning other things.


  • rachclairerachclaire Posts: 261

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  • sabina_coxsabina_cox Posts: 671
    hiya ladies

    erin your so loveable! you change your mind more often than the weather changes!

    ice love the dress it ll suit any size girl! all the colours are lovely but i think you are right the robins egg blue is the one that ll tie in better!

    that dress is nice isnt it! its thanks to erin i found it!

    mrsabbott! welcome! and we ve all got loads of ideas!

    as for table pieces have you looked at the thread

    Table Centre pieces..... £4 a table image

    they are lovely & she made them herself!

    as for favours what did you want!?!

    h2b wants personalised rock but have loads of different ideas

    sabina xxx
  • sabina_coxsabina_cox Posts: 671
    ice you dopey woman

    03/11/2010 thats me !


    sabina xx
  • rachclairerachclaire Posts: 261

    hahaha i know I'm hung over and didin't read it right!!!

    Where's the thread on table pieces?

    I'm having candelabras but not got them any cheaper than £15 each so far and i need min of 8!!!

    I really need them cheaper than that!


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