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Random Chat..

Hello all, I thought i'd just make a typical chat up..

About anything and everything... Im bored and no1 seems to be on! Boooo! Im watching Brothers and Sisters and still stalking my honeymoon on You Tube. (I need a life),,

Anyway where is everyone from on our 2010 brides? Im Wigan, yes pie eater you name it been called it?

If anyone wants to chat ill be on ere, im being Lazy today had a hard day/night at work.

Hmmm might look at dresses again see what i fancy! x x x image


  • Kelly06uk1Kelly06uk1 Posts: 244
    I live in Coventry West Midlands
  • Georgie2010Georgie2010 Posts: 227
    Hi i'm georgie i'm 20 and i'm at uni in buckinghamshire but when i am on placements i live in London cos thats where they are! i am originally from Bedfordshire, (about 30 miles north of London in case people dont know where it is!) and i go back there in the holidays.Where abouts is Wigan (i never was any good at geography!), but i'm guessing its up north somewhere? What do u do at work shelly? xx

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  • Hey chicken,

    Wigan is near Manchester, well Bolton? That help any?

    Awh bet being in London is amazing, i'd love live in a fast moving city.

    I work as a child support worker, basically kids that are in care, its such a same on them thou.

    What do you do? When is your big day? x
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    Hi girls

    Am I the only Scottish bride for 2010 so far?? I live just outside Glasgow!!

  • Georgie2010Georgie2010 Posts: 227
    Hi shelly, thanx yeh that does help i know vaguely where manchester is! I am training to be a children's nurse, in my second year. Your job sounds great, but must be difficult at times, i think working with children is so rewarding but also so sad and testing at times. i have always known i wanted to work with kids.

    Yeh i loved being on placement in london and cant wait to go back but i could never afford to live there after uni. I get married on 29th May 2010, how about u? hav u booked anything yet? xxx
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    Hiya. I'm Bekah from Canterbury - well, I live in Canterbury, but I'm from Hastings. I'm 22. image

    What's going on with everyone then? At the moment, I am applying for university - Adult Nursing. I had an interview for Midwifery but didn't get in, so I'm going for nursing this year instead! If I don't get in, I'm gonna learn to drive and plan our wedding while H2B is in his first year at uni (he got in - grr! image )... then I will try again next year!!

    Anywho, that's what I've been up to recently. I did have a lovely (exciting) chat with H2B's parents about planning the wedding and booking things soon (YAY!!!), so that we feel things are moving forward. Our date is 10/07/10. image

    Looking forward to the football tonight. I'm a Liverpool fan.image

    Lots of love!!


    hey i'm from kent, i'm 22 and i'm training to be a driving instructor. Best wishes to you all planning a 2010 wedding.

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    I'm gill and gettin married in either aug/sept 2010. Not sure of any details yet except that we want to go abroad, gonna start organising at the end of this year.

    Me and H2B are both students. I'm starting uni in sept to do speech therapy, can't wait.

    Live in N.I. Any other N.I brides out there?
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  • Hi,

    I'm Kimberley, I'm 24 and I live in Little Chalfont in Buckinghamshire. I am marrying Tim (don't mention the rhyming names!) in October 2010 in Mauritius

    I work in the promotional products industry and my h2b works as a painter and decorator, although he is really a general handyman- he can do anything he puts his hand to it seems!

    We bought our house last December -moved in the week before Christmas- and we are currently trying for a baby

    So that's me! x
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    Have just become a member. Congratulations to you and good luck with the wedding. I'm marrying in March and have a gorgeous dress. Have you started looking yet?
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