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Any more October brides yet!


Just seeing if there where anymore October 2010 brides yet!

I know there is 2 of us but there may be more of us now! image x x image

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  • Casper06ukCasper06uk Posts: 1,810

    we just booked our wedding for October 2010.

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  • Hiya,

    I'm planning on October 2010 for my wedding in Mauritius. Can't book anything yet though as the prices aren't released until next year! x
  • Casper06ukCasper06uk Posts: 1,810
    Kimmy84 - Mauritius will be lovely!!

    Have you been there before?? Have you got lots of friends and family going??


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  • Hiya,

    Nope never been before!

    We have loads of friends and family who say they will come, but we will have to see what happens I think. H2B is convince that loads of the people who say they will come now won't do

    At the moment we are just telling people verbally, but once we can book next year we will start thinking about save the date cards. I think that we are giving people plenty of time to save for it if they do want to come!!

    What are everyone else's plans? xx
  • Casper06ukCasper06uk Posts: 1,810
    Hi everyone,

    Im thinking about getting save the date cards, ive only just found out about them. Think they are a good idea especially with it being a good while until the wedding.

    We are getting married at Rushpool Hall, Saltburn. We are just planning on close family and friends, so will be quite a small group of us.

    x x x

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