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Hi everyone. Anyone getting married at Ferraris in Longridge? I think I might be booking it for May 2010 but just wondered how the service was from the wedding team?

Christina x


  • MrsRammy2BMrsRammy2B Posts: 2,258
    We looked at it and really liked it, I really liked the thing they were building outside, BUT (and it is quite a big but), I am going to be honest, it is only my opinion remember. I found all the pictures everywhere of the owners daughters everywhere (including in the bedrooms) a bit disturbing. Also the lady that showed us round was very abrupt and not really a peoples person. We have some friends who got married there (we didn't go to the wedding as we didn't know them then), but they said that he actuallyhad to go in about a week before the wedding as his wife was in tears everytime she phoned them cos the they were so rude.

    It's like anything though hun, if you like it that's all that matters and just cos they were bad for her doesn't mean they will be for you.

    Have you looked at The Gibbon Bridge, which is about 10 mins away from Ferraris?? It's lovely and about the same price. xx
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    I know Ferraris quite well. Been to a few weddings their and its lovely. It's family owned and I know they look a bit 'stand off ish' but they are lovely.

    My friend is also getting married in May 2010 (the bank hol weekend 1st or 2nd not sure) and has booked Ferrais. She knows them well also - being from Longridge they all know each other!!. She found them too rush their initial visit and she was a little upset with that, but she knows when it comes to the actual day, it will be lovely.

    Plus her HTB supplies the local meat!! so they'll get a discount on the wedding I'm sure!!

    But dont be put off its a lovely place and I believe their is some work being done on the place outside.

    Hope this helps

  • MrsRammy2BMrsRammy2B Posts: 2,258
    It is nice and it is completely personal choice, I just personally wanted something a bit more modern and inside. And the thing is tru35 as you say they were a bit rushed and abrupt on the first visit and that is what sells weddings, that first contact.

    We also found them to have no flexibility on anything. But as I say, you have to make the decision for yourself. I'm sure there are people who wouldn't have chosen my venue, but it is perfect for us. It's such a personal thing. xx
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    Thank you both for your comments. I have been to view loads of venues now and prefer ferraris out of them all but like you say B2BVicki, I got the feeling they werent really interested in my service. But, I know a girl that got wed there too as she didnt seem to have many problems. They are building an extension. I looked at the plans and think it will be even better once it has all finished. Think I am going to book it next week. I will just have to ensure I get the standard of service that I want.

    I have looked at Gibbon Bridge. It was lovely but I didnt like the fact that you had to fill every single room in the Hotel. Feel like they were putting pressure on you that you shouldnt need when planning a wedding.

    Anyway, thank you both so much for your comment! Where are you both getting married then? xxx
  • MrsRammy2BMrsRammy2B Posts: 2,258
    I am getting married in the lakes. We are having alot of guests so filling Gibbon Bridge wasn't an issue. I liked the sole occupancy thing. Do Ferraris not ask you to do the same?? I have a feeling they do, might be wrong. We looked at so many venues that I got muddled with which was which.

    Hope it all goes well for you. Do you live locally to Ferraris then? We live in Lytham. xx
  • czarinsczarins Posts: 25
    I don't think so. Going back on Tuesday so will double check with them though. It was the fact that all the rooms were £130 at Gibbon too. Think there are cheaper, more standard rooms at Ferraris for people that dont want to pay as much. I have been getting muddled up with them all too!!

    I live in Garstang so only a 25 min drive so not too far away. What date you getting wed B2BVicki. Sure I have spoken to you before. You arent getting married at Langdale are you?? x
  • MrsRammy2BMrsRammy2B Posts: 2,258
    I am yeah, I am getting married in June next year, bought it forward from 2010 cos I inherited some money, but just can't leave this forum yet, haha.

    God Garstang isn't far from me, we were there last nht in fact for dinner at an italian (can't remember the name, it's up a long drive way thing).

    The photos from Ferraris are lovely, the building is gorgeous and I'm sure you'll have a great time there. xx
  • czarinsczarins Posts: 25
    Italian Orchard was it? Thats about 10 mins drive from Garstang.

    Wish I inherited some money so I could bring the wedding forward!! Don't think I can wait 2 year!! I am so excited already. x
  • MrsRammy2BMrsRammy2B Posts: 2,258
    Thats it Italian Orchard. Was a nice meal.

    I am so so glad we have been able to, think I would have burst before 2010. xx
  • liz smithliz smith Posts: 1

    my daughters wedding on the 18 may 2012 was the best day ever the family at ferraris did everything we asked and more the meal was lovely we had the best day ever



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