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Woo Hoo!!!


2011 girlies have their very own forum...can't wait to get to know all of you other 2011 b2b's!!!



  • hiya hun when is ur wedding i am getting married in july 2nd
  • Hiya crazy020!!!

    We are gettin' married 18th June...!!!

    Where abouts are you getting married? Have you done a lot of planning?

  • i am in london and we r having the hole wedding at charlton house it is lovly how is the planning going it is so far so good i have already paided to the horse and cart dj etc etcimage
  • MrsC2beMrsC2be Posts: 140
    YAY! hello everyone!! Glad to have our own forum at last :P We're getting married (provisionally as nothing booked yet) on July 31st at my church followed by reception at Cwrt Bleddwn in south wales (hopefully). Going to book after christmas. Anyone done much planning? Ive been scrapbooking ideas and have my theme sorted, also tried a dress on already image but wont purchase anything yet as i want to shed some pounds before the day!

  • Hi i m getting married in feb 2011!!! were going to sri lanka to get married and then on to the maldives. were also having a reception when we get back.

    we re not able to book the wedding until 11 months before, thats when the travel agents have the flights!!! we can pre book it all next sept which i carn't wait to do.

    we ll prob start looking at venues for reception once that is booked.image
  • Hi everyone!! I'm getting married on 10th September 2011 at the swan at streatley in Berkshire. We originally had a different venue booked for september 5th 2009 but i was venue hunting with a friend and she looked at this place and i fell in love with it so i cancelled my wedding and rebooked it here - loved it so much that i lost a hefty deposit from the other place - but i don't care cos its just stunning there! I've already done most of my planning (themes etc) as we expected the wedding to be much closer until i had a change of heart so i guess i now have a ton of time to do everything. Looking forward to getting to know you all.

    Katy xx
  • Finally somewhere to talk to other 2011 people! Our date is either going to be the 2nd or 3rd of July. Depends on whether we think we can find 80 people for the Saturday (required minimum number) or just go for the Sunday and not have to worry.

    Probably the only bride worrying about too few people coming instead of cutting down numbers!

    I'm dying to get started but I know it's too far out to consider booking more than venue, photographer and band.
  • hiya starlite i am getting married on the 2nd july so we could have the same date i have already book the place where i am getting married and i am having everything there i have done dj photots dvd man horse and cart sorting out my bridesmaids out with the page boys too so i have done alot really it is good to have the big things sorted out i have seen some dress but need to lose a lot of pounds lol image
  • linz-kdlinz-kd Posts: 2,382
    Hey Girlies

    I'm maybe June 2011 getting married in Vegas not got anything set in stone yet as we can't book till 11 months before but i'm loooooooooooving all this wedding talk I'm hooked on this site!


  • wow crazy020 you've done loads!

    Dazzlepop I am a destination Bride too and have pretty much done all I can. You are right though - you are hooked on this site look at how many posts you have done since April alone!

    Wedding Planner all booked, as it the private beach i want, Can do not more until 12 months before.

    Now all thoughts have turned to the reception back at home. As it will be early December I will be battling against Xmas parties si I think I will need to find somewhere soon.

    My MOH wants us to go dress shoping soon as she says is loads of fun, but I refuse as I too want to lose weight - 1 1/2 stone ideally!
  • linz-kdlinz-kd Posts: 2,382
    Ha I know I cant help myelf I just haaaaaaaaaave to log on here everyday!

    I'm wanting to lose about 1 1/2 - 2 stone before the big day to but we've got ages so we can set ourselves realistic goals


  • Finally some were to talk...... People think that i am mad for booking so far ahead.

    we are going to Rhodes looking at 8th July. Think H2B is getting fed up of wedding talk already. L0l
  • Oh mine too queenb1, I can see his eyes start to glaze over anytime I mention it
  • Hey

    I'm getting married in 2011 too!! Haven't set a date yet. Going to a wedding fair in a couple of weeks to pick up some ideas and to see if I like the place for our venue.

    I don't know where to start as it seems so far away!!

    Glad we've got this forum - have been waiting to see what the 2011 brides to be have been planning.
  • Ooh - this makes it seem so real! I have done nothing yet, other than get ideas and work out a budget and a savings plan. My H2B and I have agreed that we will not make any decisions until the new year and we're both doing scrapbooks so we can compare notes.
  • Hi all,

    Im getting married in 2011 yeah!!!!!! Not really set a date yet but would love it 2 be


    Carnt wait, looking at some venues soon!!! My H2B is all readdy "yea ok do what you want" or "ok babe whatever you think" . Arnt they so wonderful!!! image:\);\)
  • Yey,

    I've been waiting for a 2011 board!! Woohooo!

    We are getting married 6th May 2011. People think we are really mad to have set a date so far away!

    We have chosen to get married abroad and have done all our research for Cyprus. We have found the villa we want to stay in and the planner. But now have found that Zante have some lovely venues and that's where we had ur first hol together.

    Soooo it's a good job we have got time to decide!! Haha.

    **waves** to other 2011 b2bs!!

  • IMPOIMPO Posts: 86
    Fingers crossed we're going to get married on 26 November 2011, Nothing is booked, still looking around, but I need to get my degree finished before we get married. We're just going to get married in my local church but my heads already full of ideas for the rest of it.

    We've not made a big deal of our engagement because people seem very judgemental of having such a long engagement.

    Its great to have a 2011 board, feels less of a fraud now.
  • MummyJCMummyJC Posts: 902
    i'm an oct 2009 bride 2 be and some of your 2011 have more planned and booked than i have!!

    putting me to shame!! ha ha!!
  • Oh glad you are on here Mrsmjjonestobe. Thought I was the only November bride. We can wave off all the other girls throughout the summer of 2011 together.

    What is your degree in?

  • same here mrsjc2be-im july 2009 and coming on this forum has made me cringe! you are all very organised which is great cos your weddings will be spot on and perfect! xx
  • gills78gills78 Posts: 12
    hi all, i am a 2011 bride to. we are getting married on the 22nd of oct 2011 in vegas. we were just going to go ourselves but i have decided i am finally going to tell my family before i change my mind again. we are going for 7 days in vegas and then 7 in hawaii cant wait im so excieted and i still have another 3 years ..... so gald there are other brides i can speak to as h2b is fed up listening to me ximage
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