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2011 Brides! Whats your theme??

Hi Everyone!!

Just being nosey!!! Whats your theme for your 2011 Wedding?




  • shem83shem83 Posts: 699
    Hiya Paula,

    Well i was hoping for Sunflowers and Sage (coloured bridesmaids dresses) but i'm not sure if sunflowers will be readily available in June so might choose yellow gerbera's instead. Anyway its going to be yellow and green!!

    What are you going for?


  • Hello!!!

    I am having a rather traditional Ivory and pink... it's my favourite colour!!

    Not sure whethe to have bridesmaids in ivory or pink... but when we see the right dress we will know I guess!!
  • Im having deep red and cream... quite traditional as well!! Ive found the bridemaids dresses at BHS but i wont but them yet!!!

    SmittenKitten85 - ivory and pink sounds lovely what time of year are you getting married? I would personally put the bridesmaids in Pink so it makes you stand out! but im sure it will look fab whatever you decide! x
  • MrsCole2011MrsCole2011 Posts: 155
    We are Cadburys Purple and Diamond White, love purple!
  • lovehupemma - we are getting married in June so hopefully it will be nice weather. but knowing my luck it will snow!!!! i think it's nice to have a traditional wedding, although I don't like all the traditions! Any one having top hats????

    CarmenE - that sounds stunning! I love purple too image
  • We're having ivory and pale pink too. For flowers I'm thinking of having sweet avalanche pink and white roses. The bridesmaids are going to be wearing pink.

  • Indecision!

    In order I have gone through...

    aqua and red

    black, white and red vintage rock and roll

    aqua and red

    and now I'm considering a peacock theme with vibrant blue and green. I loved the red, black and white but the Mr wasn't convinced. Too dark for early summer! I think I may be sold on the peacock colours so just to convince himself now...
  • Ooh. I never thought of peacock blue. Though I know blue flowers are really hard to get

  • mrsdavy2bemrsdavy2be Posts: 353
    Hi girls, I`m a bit torn as to what theme.............

    I love that really deep red, like merlot colour.......... but have also seen a lovely peridot green dress for my MOH too.

    H2B has said that he won`t wear a pink tie - not sure what era he has come from but i had originally seen a lovely dusky rose BM dress. MEN!!

    We`re getting married beginning of May so not sure which colour would be best - what do you all think? x
  • Princess pinkie you are the same as me!!! We will have to swap notes image i love avalanche roses they are so pretty!!
  • stacepinkstacepink Posts: 103
    Hi im getting married at the end of Jan and we are having ivory, navy blue and pink, with alot a sparkle. My favorite colour is pink so have to get it in somewhere lol x
  • I'm the same as you CarmenE, purple and bright white!! It looks stunning!!
  • LadyFushiaLadyFushia Posts: 567
    We have no idea at the moment!! lol

    H2B will be getting married in his uniform (RAF blue/grey) but think that colour will be too hard to match so we've thought about blues to tone in, or maybe a red to completely contrast. I love teal but not sure I can make that work with the blue/grey. So yeah, totally stuck! lol
  • helenb2209helenb2209 Posts: 5,102
    Colour is gold and we have a christmas theme. We get married 5 days after chrsitmas.

    Really cant wait. Everyone is syaing why are you getting married in the winter but we want th ebig log fires. mulled wine. christmas trees etc.
  • Hey smittenkitten, definitely, I love them too. Hellsbells that sounds really nice. I'd consider a winter wedding but I'm a chilly mortal, I'm currently wear 2 jumpers and it sunny out. Also my b-day is xmas day so there'd prob be too much going on.

  • TANYA1085TANYA1085 Posts: 413
    we are having a vintage kinda thing with afternoon tea and bbq in the evening with 50's style dresss but our colours are gonna be teal, turquiose and ivory as they are my favourite colours and i really do not like pink, red (apart from my hair colour) and pale colours so its gonna be a mix and match kinda thing.
  • Hi, getting married on 3rd June 2011. Thinking of burnt orange?? What you think.... And men in brown?

    Havent seen anything like it before but I have an idea in my mind. Hoping I will see something I like but have plenty of time haha. shem83, like the idea of the sunflowers. If you get any info about when they are in season, keep me posted. x
  • Becky86ukBecky86uk Posts: 931
    Im going for deep red with white and gold

  • xjoannexxxxjoannexxx Posts: 233
    am having baby pink and hot pink i think
  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    I've just been married a month. If you don't mind me saying so ladies, I think a "theme" and a "colour scheme" are 2 entirely different things. Nearly all of you have responded to this query on your theme by describing your colour scheme!

    A "theme" is a topic or idea you might base your wedding (or other type of event) on. Examples of themes are Rock & Roll, Football, 1970's Glam Rock, Vintage themes such as 1920's flappers, 1930's Art Deco/Art Nouveau, Science Fiction, popular modern or historical culture, Tropical Beach/island inspirations etc.... This is a fun part of planning one's wedding, having a theme that's meaningful to YOU and memorable to your guests. A well-thought-out theme will disguise any pitfalls and problems you may encounter on your wedding day and make it less obvious (especially when you're a lower budget bride) that Mrs Newly-wed that lives 3 streets away had a far more expensive wedding than you!

    We themed our wedding to Jewish wedding traditions - we're not Jewish by the way and it was done in decent taste without any wish to mock or offend anyone. I think Jewish wedding traditions are wonderful and I've always wanted to incorporate them into my own wedding. I felt like this LONG before I met Earl! We started by having a reading from the Old Testament during our church ceremony about when Rebekah became Isaac's wife.

    This theme continued during the reception. Earl, his Best Man and our Master of Ceremonies together with 9 other males present all wore kippot in lilac satin (yarmulkes or Jewish skull caps). I bought a dozen of these from a company trading over in Tel Aviv, Israel. Our bridesmaids were in lilac satin. We had a Ketubah (Jewish marriage scroll) and our Master of Ceremonies read the introductory part out and then Earl and I in turn read the promises to each other. We both drank some wine from the same glass, a new one that had never been used before, then, when it was empty Earl crushed it underfoot on the floor. Our wedding violinist then played "Hava Nagila". We would've liked to have danced the Hora except our venue was a bit small! My youngest son (who is also very interested in Jewish culture) had even asked about elevating the happy couple on chairs! We would've loved to have had a "chuppah" (canopy) but these are rather expensive. As it was, all of our guests LOVED the Jewish marriage customs we brought to our own wedding and will always remember what we did.

    Our colour scheme was as follows:

    Ivory & pink - I wore an ivory dress trimmed with pink embroidery and carried pink and cream roses with cream lilies dotted about in the arrangement. Earl echoed this in his own buttonhole flower which was a pink rose, matching the ones in my bouquet.

    Black & white - Earl, his Best Man, Master of Ceremonies, my sons in the Role of Groomsmen, my brother who escorted me down the aisle & gave me away and my toddler nephew who was ring-bearer all wore black suits, dress trousers, white shirts and black dicky bows. Except for my young nephew who wore a black tail coat and a standard white shirt, the rest of them wore black tuxedo jackets and wing-collared, pintucked shirts.

    Purple & lilac - the bridesmaids & flowergirls wore lilac dresses with bouquets or flower baskets of lilac & purple flowers, the men wore lilac skull caps, and purple satin cummerbunds with the exception of Earl, the groom who wore a purple silk waistcoat. The Best Man & Groomsmen wore purple rose buttonholes. The shade of purple was Royal purple which some people call Cadbury's purple.

    Our wedding didn't cost a fortune and our budget was fairly modest for a wedding in Church but our theme and colour scheme made it very individual and special. We had a great day!

    Bamba x
  • TANYA1085TANYA1085 Posts: 413
    Bambagirl, you are right colour scheme and theme are not the same, our theme and colour scheme does not match, i want a vintage tea party/ garden party with garden games and afternoon tea then bbq in the evening and our colour scheme is turquoise, teal, ivory and black as those are our favourite colours. I am not gonna have pastel colours as pink and me do not go, it not me and my h2b, but we wanted the relaxed theme. my h2b and i plus our children are gonna have teal, my bridesmaids, other flower girl and pageboy and best man and ushers and dads are going to wear turquoise, it how we like it.
  • shem83shem83 Posts: 699
    Oh ok, well we don't have a theme then!
  • Does it matter if the theme doesn't quite fit in with the colours? I want a really traditional ivory and pale pink wedding but I would like to have a rugby theme as my H2B is a huge rugby fan/player. We have found a great table topper which is rugby themed and it's our colours, and I have found rugby ball shaped chocolates which can go in little boxes for the favors and was thinking about naming the tables after rugby teams instead of having table numbers.

    do you think this will look okay with all pink and ivory flowers/chair covers etc?!?!
  • Quoted:
    We are Cadburys Purple and Diamond White, love purple!

    I'm wanting this as well. It'll be an August wedding but i think it'll still work. What flowers are you havin to match the colour scheme?
  • we want a 50s theme, ie vintage ice cream van, and a black white and possibly hot pink colour scheme, inc hot pink flowers, black bm dresses with hot pink shoes etc. already changed my mind about 8 times though! oo i am so excited...!!

  • LadyFordLadyFord Posts: 551
    Our theme is black and white with silver stars - we're so excited! What are you having Mrs Paula? xxxx.
  • hi im having an old style hollywood theme. think black and white with touches of silver. sparkling a little but not to much dont want it to look to chavvy.. gettin married in may 2011 cant wait.. have already got my dress its just so perfect... and also booking a big band to play in the evening...
  • LadyFordLadyFord Posts: 551
    Sounds similar to what I'm having whitemoor - sounds perfect!

    We've got a great band for the evening, I didn't want a DJ, find them quite tacky!

    What dress have you got? I just ordered mine this week! So exciting! xxx.
  • lornajblornajb Posts: 37
    Hi I thinking aubergine/plum purples with grey and dark white - autumn weddng so hopefully will get some lavender and heather as well... Theme going for is outside with butterflies - quite delicate vintage!
  • SrensenSrensen Posts: 8
    Red and white!!! xx
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