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Cleveland/Durham 2011 brides

Hi, any 2011 brides from Cleveland/Durham/North Yorkshire? After the success of the current cleveland brides thread I thought i'd start one for us brides with 2 years to wait, since most of the girls on the current thread get married this year. I'd love to hear when and where you r getting married, and how the planning is going.



  • MrsH1984MrsH1984 Posts: 553
    Hi Princessbride,

    I have booked venue for August 2011 chose on Ascot House in harrogate in the end for reception. We did have a look at Tall Trees in Yarm gorgeous venue but live in Ripon and my family are from leeds so wanted somewhere in the middle.

    Where are you getting married?

    so exciting, not started dress shopping yet but will do soon.image
  • Hello...

    We get married on the 12 March 2011 at The Judges Hotel in Yarm! Can't wait!

    Princessbride, when are where are you getting married?

  • Im 20th August 2011 at Crathorne hall, in Yarm. I really want to go looking at dresses but people are telling me its to early. I love Georgia by Pronovias tho, its in the 2010 preview section if you wanna have a look. Has anyone else been thinking about dress? x
  • The Crathorne is lovely - have you seen the bridal suite? It's gorgeous!!!

    I'm liking the dress princessbride, very elegant! I've had a look at dresses on the web, but not going to look properly until I've lost a couple of stone - don't want to depress myself lol

    So how far are you both with the planning? x

  • wonderfullyweirdwonderfullyweird Posts: 1,265
    Hi, another county durham 2011 bride here, we haven't set a date yet, we are wiating until we get back from our holidays is 6 weeks time. We have fallen in love with Bannatynes Hotel in Darlington, its limited to 120 guests so has solved our guest list dilemmas nicely and as all of our families will be traveling it solves the problem of accomodation.

    How is everyones planning comming along? Has anybody bought anything yet? I've found my dress (back in January!!) but am waiting until sept to but a deposit down incase its not in next seasons collection.
  • MrsDickson2bMrsDickson2b Posts: 390
    Hey BeckyJB, i'm getting married on 25th June and had a venue provisionally booked but we're not so sure anymore, we've been looking around and i got the brochue through for Bannatynes the other day, it looks really nice, do you know how whether it is really expensive or not, we're on a tight budget but it looks such i nice place. Trying to go no higher than £4000 for the reception and night, do you think that that is manageable at the Bannatyne. Might go have a look round soon.

    I haven't been dress shopping yet, seen loads i like on the internet though, but i keep changing my mind on what kind i want, so think i will have to go try some on soon, see what suits me.

    I'm making my invitations so i have been and bought some supplies to try out different designs. quite like

    but the cheapest i can find the buckles are 55p each, do you think that is the cheapest i will find them or do you know anywhere that does them cheaper?
  • wonderfullyweirdwonderfullyweird Posts: 1,265
    Here is a breakdown of what I have costed it out for Bannatynes, we are having a civil ceremony so we are having the wedding package.

    Venue hire £350 (for ceremony, free for rest of the day)

    Drinks £1,185 (on arrival and for meal)

    Wedding breakfast £2,060.50p (coffee afterwards £225)

    Evening Buffet £700

    (Bacon sandwiches, for the buffet it was £1,500)

    D.J £250


    They do cater for whatever you want, so it can be as cheap or as expensive as you want to make it. If you dont serve coffee after the wedding breakfast, and serve your cake as desert you can knock about £7 a head off the price.

    It appealed to us because the building and grounds are lovely, its beautifully decorated and the extras they throw in (complementery room for wedding night, 15% off for all guests who stay, linen hire, menue printing, it can be exclusively hired for no additional cost), it just doesn't compare with anything else locally.

    I would advise you to book to meet up with the wedding co-ordinator, she is very helpfull and can give you an idea of the cost there and then. Also they will hold this years prices for 2011 and the deposit is only £350.

    I've already bought place cards from ebay, organza bags for the favours and have the stationary for the invites, we are doing them ourselves too......i'm not artistic so I have no idea how they will turn out!!
  • wonderfullyweirdwonderfullyweird Posts: 1,265
    I like the design for your invites, I'm not sure where you might get the buckles cheaper, other than ebay or Hobbycraft, I am addicted to ebay since starting all this wedding planning lark.

    If you dont mind me asking where have you provisionaly booked your venue?
  • MrsDickson2bMrsDickson2b Posts: 390
    We did have booked at the cb inn, in arkengarthdale, because it is close to where we live and i used to work there so thought we might be able to get some kind of deal, but no. We were originally booked for next year, but we have had to put our wedding back a year, and they wouldn't even keep the prices that they had quoted us for next year, they said it would go up. Think i had a bit of a personallity clash with the owner while i was there so it's a bit akward now.

    It is a very nice place, but i think i have decided i want somewhere different, at one point my life revolved around that place and it's kinda put me off wanting my wedding there now.

    That package doesn't sound that bad. Getting married in a church in Barningham so we wouldn't need it for the cermony, think i will have to go see someone. How many guests was that for?
  • MrsDickson2bMrsDickson2b Posts: 390
    already looked for the buckles in hobbycraft, they don't have them and i can't seem to find any on ebay, but i will keep looking. I'm also addicted to ebay, we're having our wedding on a budget so looking for bargins on there all the time, it's quite fun.
  • wonderfullyweirdwonderfullyweird Posts: 1,265
    I know the cb, my sister lives over that way in Swaledale, she has been to a few do's there and has said how good they were, fancy not giving you a discount as former employee!! Thats just plain tight of them lol.

    I think we costed it for 95 on the day and 120 on the night, but you only have to cater for 70% of guests on the evening, I thought it was good value campared to others about, we had looked at Hall Garth, and Greta Bridge but just couldn't afford them.

  • MrsDickson2bMrsDickson2b Posts: 390
    Yeah the cb is a nice place, they are usually good, the prices are good as well, it would be a good place to have the reception, but for some reason i just don't feel like i want it there, can't really explain, just can't picture it there, not after i spent sooooooooooo much time there when i worked there.

    We would have liked to have the reception at The Morritt at Greta Bridge as we both worked there as well, it's where we met, but we could never afford there.

    We're only looking at having about 50 to the day and 100 at night. Do they have a minimum nuber of people ypu have to have? Definatly sounds like a place i would like to have though.
  • wonderfullyweirdwonderfullyweird Posts: 1,265
    I dont think they have a minimum, they use the resturant for smaller receptions which holds about 70 I think and the larger room for evenings, I think this holds max 120. The resturant is still open on the evening, it is next door to the room where evening receptions are held (Wilbur suite) but they have assured us it doesn't cause problems as the Wilbur suite has its own bar and toilet facilities. The linen I think can be hired in your wedding colours and they include a basic table centre peice, but they can be upgraded if they are not what you want, also they do they flowers for the top table, which I'm pleased about becasue I can't believe how expensive wedding flowers are!!

    My sister got married at The Morrit, it was a gorgeous day and the food was amazing, but we can't afford it. The grounds were stunning too.
  • MrsDickson2bMrsDickson2b Posts: 390
    It sounds like the Bannatyne would be perfect, i'm going to speak to my H2B and get an appointment made! I take it you can opt not to have the flowers they provide, as our florist is a neighbour so she is giving us quite a good deal.

    Yeah i love the morritt, you'll have seen the new garden room they have built on the back as well if you've been recently, it's lovely. But same as you definatly out of our price range.
  • MrsDickson2bMrsDickson2b Posts: 390
    Yey, going to see the Bannatyne on Saturday.

    Hopefully my H2B likes it as well!

    Have you arranged anything else for you wedding yet? What local suppliers are you using?
  • jingly_mum2bjingly_mum2b Posts: 1,468
    Hey princessbride86, im getting married at Crathorne but in 2010! how you finding them? doesnt seem to be many of us getting married at Crathorne on here!

  • wonderfullyweirdwonderfullyweird Posts: 1,265
    I hope you like it Clickings, I was walking around it planning where everything was going to be in my head lol.

    I have penciled in a photographer, Karen McGowran, a lot of the ladies on here have used her and her rates are excellent, she is going to hold this years prices for us too. She doesnt want a deposit until the end of the year either.

    I have found my dress and am putting the deposit down in sept. I have seen BM dresses that I like, but I am going to wait a while before I put deposits down on them.

    We are going with Affleck and Moffat in Darlington for the suit hire, it is so much cheaper than Greenwoods!!

    H2B's grandma is making the cake, and MIL2B is paying the cost of ingrediants.

    I have cut outs from all the magazines going and cant resisit buying more!!

  • MrsDickson2bMrsDickson2b Posts: 390
    We're using Sandy Dempster as our photographer, i'm not sure if anyone on here has used him or not he's from just outside Barnard Castle. He just wants the deposit whenever we have decided on the slbum we want, he's penciled us in and said he's not in a hurry for the deposit so we can take our time to decide on a album.

    We're on a really tight budget so i'm not sure what is happening about suits, my H2B suggested that he asks the wedding party if they mind buying their own and just going to primark or somewhere together and getting ones that match, you can get some nice stuff in there now, and then they all have a suit they can wear again.

    i haven't even looked for a dress yet, found some nice bm dresses but their on ebay so i'll have to make sure they will still be avaliable later on, as my bms have said they will pay for their own and i can't really expect them to pay yet.

    My H2B is making our cake.

    Making our own invites as well, went to hobbycraft and got a load of supplies to try out different designs.

    I can't resist the mags either, but they're so expensive, it soon adds up when they're like £5 a pop!!
  • Hey mrsParniani2b, its good to see a fellow crathorne bride. I havent had much dealings with them yet- only the booking, and got our contract last week.Vicky seems helpful. I love the place tho plus its where we got engaged. How r u finding them? I cant believe the £200 confetti clean up charge?! Have u got everything sorted and booked?

    I cant resist the wedding magazines either but it seems like ages since there was one out! I really wish there was a regional one as i hate it when i see dresses or suppliers and they r only in London.

    Has anyone got their colour scheme/theme sorted yet? I really cant decide.... decisions decisions!!
  • MrsDickson2bMrsDickson2b Posts: 390
    I know what you mean about the dresses and suppliers in the wedding mags, not only are they from London but a lot of them are London prices!

    I've decided on my colour scheme, my bridesmaids are going to be in blue, i'm liking this colour blue,

    to tell you the truth i am really liking these dresses.

    I'm also having two flowergirls who will either be in ivory or white depending on what colour dress i get. I'm wanting white flowers for the bridesmaids to go against this blue. And i may have some silver into the colour scheme somewhere, not sure yet, whether the men are having silver or ivory waistcoats.

    god that makes me sound like i'm really organised but i'm not, i was going to have a really deep purple but then we bought our daughter the new man u shirt and i just fell in love with the blue.

    Can you get blue roses?

    Have you any ideas yet?

  • wonderfullyweirdwonderfullyweird Posts: 1,265
    I agree with the suppliers in magazines all being down south, its so annoying, its the same with some dress suppliers, I have fallen in love a mark lesley dress fro my BM's but the nearest stockist to us in Birtley, Chester-le-street, its so anoying!!

    This is the dress (if it works!!)

    We are going for a black and white theme with silver to break it up a bit. The BM's will be in black and my flowergirl (not really the right term as she will be 10 at the time!!) will be in ivory with a silver sash I think.

    Clickings, I like your idea about Primark!! Its a good idea for tight budgets. I've done a spreadsheet (I'm a secret geek lol) to keep track of our budget, it came in a 9K, but all of the suppliers we have found so far mean that it is now more 8k, but hopefully that will go down again as I keep buying little bits on ebay and putting them away.
  • jingly_mum2bjingly_mum2b Posts: 1,468
    Hey princessbride

    Yeh vicky seems really helpful, if you email her any questions she gets back to you really quickly!

    I know about that cost, well im not getting married there so hopefully wont have that problem!

    Are you having their dj or getting your own?

    Im going dress shopping this saturday sooo excited!!!

  • Loving that dress BeckyJB its gorgeous, how much are mark lesley bm dresses do u know?

    MrsParniani2b u must be so excited about dress shopping!! Do u have an idea what u want? I dont know what we r doing about the DJ yet, do u know if their's is any good?
  • jingly_mum2bjingly_mum2b Posts: 1,468
    Ive seen a gorgeous dress from blue by enzoani that i love but its in the 2010 range so im not sure if it will be available yet.

    becky Jb love that dress!

    I dont know what im doing about the dj either, someone said they went to an event there not a wedding and the dj was rubbish, not sure if it was the same one but im guessing so! Which menu you thinking of if you've got that far yet?

  • wonderfullyweirdwonderfullyweird Posts: 1,265
    I think its around £180, its more than I was hoping to pay, but I want something they can wear again and its sooo pretty!! Its in this years collection so might not be available next year (or year afer!) but fingers crossed, I dont want to buy it too soon (plus we can't really afford to get the this year before the new season comes out with having deposits to pay on so much)

    How far has everybody else got with planning?
  • MrsDickson2bMrsDickson2b Posts: 390
    That dress is lovely BeckyJB. I've seen some bridesmaids dresses i like, but i obviously don't want to get them yet, incase my BM's change etc. 2 years is quite a long time for you to put on/lose weight.

    My budget was around 6K when we were having the cb. Will have to see whether we can stay with that kind of budget even if we get the bannatyne.

    I haven't started looking at dresses for myself yet, because everytime i look i see about 10 that i like, all different shapes/styles, so think i will have to go try some on first to see what suits me, not sure if it's too soon though.
  • wonderfullyweirdwonderfullyweird Posts: 1,265
    Nah its never too early!! Even if you just go to get an idea of what you like and not look for 'the dress', its just a bit of fun to have with the girlies!!
  • MrsDickson2bMrsDickson2b Posts: 390
    Spoke to my mum last night, we're gona go dress shopping this summer, yey.

    Got a muffin top to lose before i try on any dresses yet, just to make myself feel better. Although have to lose it by September anyway, i'm bridesmaid for one of my friends and my bridesmaid dress arrived yesterday, it's a size 10 and at the mo i'm a small size 12 but can't quite fit into a 10 so need to get a wriggle on and shead the last pounds, not too far off though.

    Really cen't wait to go shopping though. It's sooo surreal to think that i'm getting a dress for me though, i worked in a hotel for 7 years, worked at thousands of wedding and seen sooooo many gorgeous dress (and some that i would never have picked) and finally it's going to be my turn to wear the dress!
  • MrsH1984MrsH1984 Posts: 553
    Hi girls we look at crathorne and judges when we were up looking at Tall Trees we haven't booked a venue yet but me and my partner are still wondering where to have the wedding etc.. we are looking at August and would like there to be a nice Garden to sit out in.

    I loved the crathorne the lawn at the front is picture perfect. How did you choose your venue and am i being silly in being so decisive.
  • Monkey2be, i thought u had already booked ur venue in harrogate? I dont want to sound like a bitch but isnt it the 20th August 2011 u want? cos i remember thinking 'ive got a date twin'! Thats my wedding day- at Crathorne!!! U can't steal my wedding lol. Otherwise Crathorne is amazing- i love it so much! Its where we got engaged and i said to my fiance 'i want to get married here' but we looked pretty much everywhere else in cleveland/durham/north yorkshire (both our families said we couldnt just booked the 1st place)and we came back to crathorne because i couldnt find anywhere i liked more (no disrespect to any of the others venues), it sounds so cliche but just knew!

    Are u looking to have a civil ceremony at ur venue?x
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