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New Years Eve wedding 2011


Im looking to get married NYE 2011 but am worried it will be too pricey. My H2B and I are paying for the whole thing ourselves (hence the 2 yr wait!) so dont want to pay through the nose for it

Does anyone know of any good venue that will capture the magic of New Year in the yorkshire area?

Also does anyone think this will be a nice idea?

Karen x


  • MistyxxMistyxx Posts: 1,679
    Hi Karen,

    I'm a New Years Eve 2010 Yorkshire bride.

    I have really struggled to find somewhere who hosts weddings on New Years Eve and I've rang LOADS! Almost all places don't as they have parties on that night and the odd ones that do really charge through the nose, ie 10-15k ON TOP of their usual wedding rate!

    Ringwood Hall does New Years Eve weddings at their usual package price but were fully booked for 2010 but might be worth a call for 2011?

    Aston Hall will also do weddings on that date but their minimum numbers were too high for us, ie: 130 min for evening buffet at almost £20 per head, there's no way am I paying almost £3k just for the evening!

    Just in the process of trying to book the church

    BUT the vicar there has told me to change the date as vicars go on holiday after Xmas so this might be something else to bare in mind if you're wanting a church ceremony. Seeing the vicar tomorrow so fingers crossed!

    Due to the date you will pay more for your entertainment. Our wedding singer is double his usual price and the cheapest DJ I can find is £600!

    This seems to be my specialist subject at the mo lol so anything else you need to know, just give me a shout.

    Good luck and let me know how you get on.


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  • helenb2209helenb2209 Posts: 5,102
    We were originally new years eve, but our venues that we liked wanted extra money, one even additional £12k!!!! So we bought it a day forward and getting it alot less plus 10% off. too as it will be a friday. It christmas period so 95% of people that are coming will be off from work anyway or school. Plus it will be nice that new years eve be will jetting of somewhere and waking up in a new year somewhere hot and as husband and wife xx
  • MistyxxMistyxx Posts: 1,679
    Hi Ellie,

    It's a shame that venues want to rip us off, as if us b2b's don't get ripped off enough already!

    That was my thought too, that most people will be off work anyway so will make it easy for guests who are travelling. That sounds lovely, waking up somewhere hot as newlyweds!

    How about you Karen, have you found anything yet?

  • No not as yet. its all quite pricey and our budget is even tighter than ever!

    We are thinking of a late afternoon ceremony and a good old knees up for a night do- like you Ellie, we think the day before NYE and then jet off on NYE would be even better!

    Just trying to shop around for the best deal at the location that we will love. Social clubs seems to be the best answer as we can cater it ourselves and guests will have a great time on the cheap drinks!!!!!
  • I am a new years eve bride were not finding the cost too bad in respect to people charging extra because of the date, only 1 is our DJ!! We have booked alot as was worried about things being booked or having regular commitments that time of year. We choose new year as we both fell in love with the idea of starting the new year as husband and wife and also for the reason of bringing family and friends togeather for the new year. (How often do you see the new year in with all the people you love lol??). We are finding alot of hotels for our extra guests fully booked, but luckily we have 19 bedrooms included in the price of our venue. Also because we started booking and paying deposits end last year, we got them at 2008 price not the increased price for 2011. xxx ;\)
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