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wedding photograpy Essex

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend good wedding photographers in the Essex area. I'm not sure where to start!



  • They look lovely. I will put them in the litte spreadsheet I've made image

    We are getting married at Lords golf & country club in Rayleigh x
  • MrsAA2BMrsAA2B Posts: 294
    Im hoping to use

    they are fab! x
  • in Portsmouth but will travel - has a great credit crunch package and his photos are beautiful!

    The Flower Co
  • Hi hazelnut I'm also getting married at lords. My photographer is dream catcher there based in canvey island. Good prices and they do home visits with all there albums x x
  • Hi Hazlenut - I'm using a company called Pauls Studio which are based in southend. I'm also getting married at Lords and they have shown me pics that were taken at the venue and they are fab! xx
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  • Thanks all. I am going to look at all of those today.

    Suziedoo, my Sister and best friend had Pauls studios and I loved their pictures but I'm just worried about some of the shots/poses etc looking the same as theirs. I will still look into them though

    Thanks x
  • Good luck with the search!!! xx
  • Try Expressions Photography!!! (google them)

    They are fab, a husband and wife Team!!! x x
  • Hi Shepherd2B,

    Just a quick message as i haven't been on here for ages to say thanks for recommending the florist Lily and May, Claire was fantastic, I met with her 2 weeks ago and i have booked her to do the flowers at my wedding. Feel really excitied now. Next on the list is to sort out the photographer so i will look into the ones mentioned above. thanks again xx
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    Hi, ive just booked Ben Morhall today, i love his photos, its taken me over 6 months to chose, I could only find a phew which i loved, and then whittled them down by the packages and pricing really.
  • im also using Dreamcatcher, based in canvey.
  • sam at - will travel

  • Try Chris Gilbert based in Kent but travels to Essex, and as he's originally from the area he knows it really well!


  • Hey Miss Sunshine!!

    You are more than welcome!!!! I am glad you liked her!! She is fab isnt she!!! What have you decided on???

    Yeah defiantley look at Expressions they are always really lovely.

    xx x x x
  • Hey Shepherd2B,

    Claire is brilliant, i knew after meeting her that i definately wanted her to do my flowers. As my colour scheme is purple i am going for lots of orchids purple dendrobiums and vanda orchids (i think they are called). here are my ideas so far:

    for the bridesmaids flowers:

    For my bouquet (with alot more white in):

    i have booked Claire and paid a £75 deposit. In total i think my flowers came in at £850 as having table centres in the marqee. Still haven't sorted out the photographer yet!!! i started Uni 3 weeks ago and that seems to have taken over every thing at the moment, so wedding planning has slowed down image

    thanks for recommending Claire though i really appreciate it xxx
  • Your flower ideas are fab!!!! I love the cadbury choccie purple colour its sooo lush!!!

    You are more than welcome on recommendation!!! What date is your wedding x x x

    Thats a good price, ours isnt far off that either!!! x x
  • were getting married the 16th July 2011 at Creeksea.

    Starting to realise that 2011 is going to come around really quickly. x
  • Oh fab!!! We get married on 28th July 2011!!!

    We loved Creeksea, I hope the sun shines for you on your big day as its a gorgeous setting when it does.

    I know, I am bridesmaid 3 times next year!!! so concentrating on those weddings will make next year fly by. Off to Carribbean Cruise in March for my sisters wedding, My best friends wedding at home in May and off to Mauritius in October for my fiances sisters wedding!!! Lovely jubbly!!! x x x

    You planning on going on honeymoon, if so where you going?
  • you are going to be so busy, weddings, weddings, weddings. My friend has only just got engaged and i got a text the other day to say they are getting married next year...i'm so jealous she is getting married before me!!

    I would love to go on honeymoon to Fiji - but my fiance is moaning because its a 27 hour flight - its just somewhere i have alwas wanted to go. The other places we were thinkin of were Mauritius, Bali or Thailand. You will have to let me know what Mauritius is like when you go for the wedding.

    have you got a wedding dress yet? any Bridemaid dresses ideas?? xx
  • I know busy busy busy!!! It will make my wedding come round so quick!! Good to be busy!! LOL x

    Wow Fiji being 27 hour flight, I didnt know that, course I will definatley let you know how Mauritius is!!!

    No, I am gritting my teeth at trying on wedding dresses until a year before, so probably be going on a wedding dress shop in July next year!! Have you got yours or tried any on yet? x x

    I brought my bridesmaid dresses the other month!! I saw them and had to get them they were perfect! Julien MacDonald STAR Dresses. How many bridesmaids are you having, you looked at dresses yet? x x
  • yep i ordered my dress in July this year as i couldn't wait to try them on after 25 dresses i definately found the one - its a ronald joyce princessy type dress. It was totally not what i was looking for but after trying them on i changed my mind completely. I paid half deposit and its due to arrive in the shop in Feb 2010 and then they will store it for me there.

    Bridesmaids dresses i am currently looking into, ive seen some lovely ones by ronald joyce the same make as my dress. I am going to go bridesmaid shopping after Christmas i think. xx
  • Oooooo Lovely!! I love Ronald Joyce Dresses, which one is it as I have got my eye on a particular one but really want to wait until July next year!!!!!! Arrggggggghhhhh!!! The bridal shop told me to phone in christmas time to make sure it is not discontinued, if it is going to be I will have to go and try it on!!! Its so suprising how you imagine something for your wedding dress and then try them on and its completely the opposite decision!!

    Ooooo Lovely, you are very organised like myself, do you get the comments, wow you are doing everything sooooooo early!!!!!!!!! x
  • the dress i have brought is called cassia 59049, it does not look that good in the pictures on the internet but looks beautiful on. Which dress do you like? You should go and try it on image

    | always thought i would buy a fitted slinky wedding dress and tried on lots of this design but then tried on another type of dress and fell completely in love with it. It definately had the wow factor and lots of sparkle on it.

    I have looked at lots of bridesmaids dresses but havn't found any particular special ones yet, i guess once i can see them actually try some dresses on it will give me a better idea.

    I haven't really had any comments that i am organising things early, plis i don't have much choice as i'm working full time and i have just gone back to uni to study for a postgraduate in psychology so i don't have a lot of time, the more i get done now the better. Plus after Christmas we will be able to say that we are getting married next year. xx
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    I can recommend We Shoot Weddings, lovely pictures and not expensive at all x
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