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East Midland brides to be!!!

Hi ladies,

Any 2011 brides on here getting married in the East Midlands? I live in Leicester with my beautiful other half and it would be great to get close to other ladies excited about their big days xxx


  • Pink_MelPink_Mel Posts: 157
    I'm from Leicester but moved to Derby 5 years ago now.

    Went to a wedding fayre in Derby today and it was crap! Went to a really good one at the tigers ground last year! Keeping the look at for me!!
  • hi, I live in chesterfield and I am getting married in 2011, just to let you know I dont know whether you will be able to get there but there is a wedding fayre at the Sheffield Park Hotel on 11 October 2009 at 11am - 4pm - i am going.

    where are you all getting married and how much have you planned/ organised?
  • Hi girls, I'm not 2011 but just wanted to say I live in Leicester too! Get married in Market Bosworth in August 2010.
  • nacraignacraig Posts: 33
    Jodles, I haven't organised anything! Really struggling to find the 'perfect' venue, and I can't plan anything else until I have that sorted.

    Just looking through magazines to get some ideas about themes... too many decisions, and I'm indecisive!!!! xxx
  • inkiepixieinkiepixie Posts: 2,156
    Hello! I'm in Nottingham (I'm originally from merseyside although FH is a Nottingham type) and we're getting married in June 2011 at Tissington Hall near Ashbourne. CAN'T WAIT!!
  • sarah25_2sarah25_2 Posts: 835
    hi im from leicester to i missed the tigers fayre the other week but will def be lookin out next yr 4 next one
  • Pink_MelPink_Mel Posts: 157
    Ohh Tissington Hall is looovely!
  • inkiepixieinkiepixie Posts: 2,156
    I know! I can't believe I'm actually going to get married there!!
  • Hi,

    I'm from Chesterfield, I went to the Sheffield Park Hotel wedding fayre, we are getting married abroad but think we have decided on there for our reception when we get back!

  • how much is tissington hall its so beautiful
  • inkiepixieinkiepixie Posts: 2,156
    It's quite expensive - we've decided to splash out on the venue, you see, and do everything else on the tightest of budgets. IIRC it's about four grand for the civil ceremony, hiring the room for the meal and hiring the room for the evening reception. And that doesn't include the food :O *ahem*
  • thats what we're doing hopefully having nice venue... im quite easy tho lol
  • im gettin married at st denys church leicestershire
  • We're living in Reading at the moment but will be getting married in Leicestershire as both of our families live there image
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