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19th feb 2011 brides??

hey girls if i remember rightly i saw a few girls getting wed on feb 19th 2011......

so thought would start a topic for all us date twins

how far has every1 got?




  • Yay, date twins!

    So far I've ordered my dress, booked the churcnd the reception venue. My family have banned me from doing anything else until after Christmas , they're worried I'll run out of things to do. Whay about you?
  • nearly ordered my dress. thers an ian sturat shop opinging very close to me YAY its half opened and fell in love with a few of his dresses going back at the end of the month to have a look at the new ones they got in and order one.

    getting wed in Thailand so have to hold off the planning a bit till they have updated the prices. i have provisional held the 19th till they update there prices then will fully book it.

    but thats all i have done...... and got a box full of ideas etc.... which i get annoyed at h2b when i refers to it as clutter hehehe :P xx
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  • I am getting married the day after! Sunday 20th Feb 2011. I bought my dress this morning and booked the venue in April
  • Me me me!

    So far I've done....nothing! A lot of looking around a budget spreadsheet making though.
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    hi every1 new on here but im gettingmarried 19th feb 2011 to!!!:\)
  • yay one more lol. and welcome to yayw. xx
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