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Booking the Registrar - we have to wait until a year before?

Is anyone else having this problem, me and my future husband have found the perfect venue and would like to book the date for July 2011, we can put a deposit down on the venue but we are not able to book the registry office until a year and a day before the date.

I called the registry office I want to book (Weybridge) and apparently people get there at 7.00am on the day so that can book the slot! Is anyone else having this problem, are there any alternatives?



  • It depends on each individual council, ours is taking bookings for 2011, but you have to give notice of your intent to marry no more than 12 months before, are you sure that they aren't taking bookings? It could be that they are confusing it with giving notice.
  • helenb2209helenb2209 Posts: 5,102
    we cant book with them either(warrington reg office( till exact a year. Wont even take a provisional booking.

  • We had ring on the day a year before when the office open to get out time, then arrange to go in and give notice. We had no problem getting it, and paid out deposit back in jan (getting married may) But i think it differs i different areas.xx
  • same here! so bloody annoying isn't it!
  • We must be lucky, I dont think I could stand waiting around,I feel for you ladies image
  • MrsKBiggsMrsKBiggs Posts: 715
    Our (essex) will book up to 2 years in advance, but giving notice is a different process altogether. Might be worth checking again.
  • What is the porcess for giving notice?

    It is very frustrating, we booked the venue last night but I don't feel like its going to be offical until next Summer.
  • Our registry office takes bookings up to 2 yrs in advance, and then you can give notice between 1 yr and 6 months before the date otherwise the date & time is released to other people x
  • Our registry office allowed us to pay a deposit to save the date but we can't finalise the exact time until next year. x
  • we booked ours last month and they charged £20 to book for 2011 but he ho a leats we are booked in now,i was so shocked at how booked up they were we wanted a 4pm wedding but they only had 3.30pm left on that day [and they only allow 20 mins for each wedding,i booked ours on the phone so maybe if you phone them and ask about the £20 non returnable booking fee good luck xx
  • We get married in Wigan next year and were able to pencil a time in we had to wait until twelve months before to give notice but all sorted now, I think I worried about nothing I am sure you will get your's sorted x
  • MrsT2703MrsT2703 Posts: 1,805
    we cant book with them either(warrington reg office( till exact a year. Wont even take a provisional booking.


    we had the same prob hun, we're getting married at statham lodge in lymm so it comes under Warrington and they wouldn't let us book even provisionally until less than 12 months to go x
  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    I think it must vary between difference areas then, as we booked our registrar 18 months in advance. They pencilled us in for the date, and then once it was 12 months til the wedding we confirmed, gave notice and paid deposit xxx
  • :~| we've been lucky, we were able to book our registrar 2 years in advance. paid our deposit and now it's just waiting to give notice!
  • PixenPixen Posts: 607
    We booked ours 2 years and 3 months in advance, we didnt have to pay a deposit though so now i'm panicking - better ring them i think.
  • HannikinsHannikins Posts: 1,046
    ours is lancashire and we have to wait until 12 month before. When I rang up the woman told me to make sure I was ready at 9 to call anf make sure I get the time slot I want. Apparently she takes everyones details and then rings you back to tell you when your slot is!
  • jlee1984jlee1984 Posts: 478
    i am also going to the weybridge office too, i got told i have to be the 6am to line up for the date i want! shocking! i had one woman say if the date is booked we will accomidate for you, and then phoned up another time and another woman said once that date is booked you cant do nothing about it!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr
  • Jlee are you booking a Saturday on the Summer? That is what I was told as well, its scary!
  • jlee1984jlee1984 Posts: 478
    no bank holiday 29th may! which is really awkard as they close a sat and sun then its bank hols so have to go down there on the tues and wait in the que on the 1st june! as you cant do it beofre!! xxx
  • We are having same problem and as you ladies im slightly worried, with getting married new years eve so they wont even be open until well into the new year. We have already booked so much too. xx
  • Well I'm in staffordshire, however getting married in shropshire, so I called the shropshire registrars and they were happy to 'pencil' it in, he did say that they didn't normally do it but he didn't forsee any problems but would do it just to put my mind at ease. He also said not to be in any rush to do the notice of intent as it only lasts the year. So were gonna do it in Jan! It is frustrating as when you part with the deposit with the venue you wanna know there is someone to do the honors!!!

    Good luck all x x
  • At least there are a few time slots to choose from. Which one are you going for? Are you really going to get there at 6.00? !

    Where are you having your reception? x
  • jlee1984jlee1984 Posts: 478
    yea i guess so gonna have to be there!!! madness i know! just bring a starbucks with me to keep my warm in teh morning!

    yea times are 12, 2 and 4! i would like 2pm!!! fingers crossed!

    having my whole wedding at foxhills country golf club in surrey! what about you? x
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