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2011 nottingham brides buddy

REALLY could do with a wedding buddy in nottingham just so we know good advice on area'' x


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    Hello! I'm in Nottingham! Marrying in June 2011 - how about you?
  • june 2011 3rd june hoppefully trying find somewere... provisionaly booked bestwood park but there not very helpful with reception x bout you?
  • Hi I'm not 2011, im may 2010 but live in nottingham if i can help?x
  • oh wow... antone can help this point in time... LOL... i've provissionaly bookes bestwood park but now not sure ... but i get confused with sites and what people tell me... im not sure to have wedding breakfast but no1 is lenient and have no clue ewhere anything is in nottingham and how get best prices my partner always working so pretty much doing it alone
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    Have you looked at...erm, i can't remember its name! Goosedale? Yes, that's it! They're up near me in quite a lovely location - - we're out towards Hucknall, actually not that far from bestwood. I didn't make many enquiries with them but I thought it was quite a nice place. (We wanted somewhere old; that is quite a modern venue.)

    We've gone with Tissington Hall over in Derbyshire. FH is from Nottingham, but I'm from Southport in Merseyside and a few of my family will be coming from the west side of the country; Tissington is under two hours' drive from my mother's place so we thought it would make things a bit fairer if both sides of the family have to put in a bit of effortimage

    I was very nervous of meeting people to discuss stuff because I had no idea about weddings (never having done one beforeimage) but everyone I spoke to was very helpful. The co-ordinator at Tissington is brilliant!
  • o thankyou for that going check out site now...
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    Have you not been inpressed with Bestwood Lodge? We were considering booking our reception there.
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    i put a massive list of venue for you in your other thread...about having to book all over again
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    HoppyD - sorry - which other thread?
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    Gemma_b has another thread about having to start booking venue and i put a list of over 60 venues in notts and derby on there for her/anyone who wants to see.

    We had trouble finding a venue on a budget, though a few were very helpful. ruddington grange golf club is nice....or if people are on a budget a couple of the hotels in town are good value. and the britannia hotel isdoing weddings for £1499 for 50 day geuests and 100 evening i think it was all food and everything included.

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  • Leicester bride x
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    Oooh Gemma you're in Top Valley - so am I!
  • Hi

    I'm getting married at The Goosedale in Nottingham, just booked it last Sunday for July 2011. I really loved it and as I'm getting married on a Friday they're letting me do alternative food to their set menu for the wedding breakfast. They're really nice and firendly and I got a great deal due to it being a Friday and that I also booked their new smaller room.

    Also I've been to a wedding at Bestwood Lodge and it was one of the best wedding I've been to. It was a few years ago now, but it really was a great day.

    Hope this helps. If you have anymore questions about Goosedale or Bestwood please let me know.

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