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does anyone else feel like they can't do any more until jan?

Hey I feeel like I'm sitting waiting on the new year! getting married 19/2/11 , I have ordered my dress , booked the church and reception.i don't want to do anything else more than a year in advance so feel like I'm just stuck waiting, so annoying!


  • I no EXACTLY what you mean! I wont let myself think n do too much untill the new year, part of the fun is the organising and dress fittings and photograher me its gotta wait untill the new year, and then i can say "im getting married next year!" image

  • Yep, I have found the dress I want, but for some reason I want to wait until 2010 to put the deposit down. Its so silly!!! x
  • I'm totally with you in feeling that way. Our venue won't let us book until Jan 2010 so I really can't do anything until we know we've definitely got that place! Hurry up 2010!
  • shem83shem83 Posts: 699
    Yes i'm now in a lull just dreaming about what to do next, don't want to wish my life away but HURRY UP!!
  • kem2011kem2011 Posts: 173
    My H2B refuses to talk about the wedding until next year and my sisters are refusing to go dress shopping with me till next year as 'I may get fat - so no point in buying the dress till nearer the time'.

    I'm counting the days down to April 2010 - when no-one is allowed to say to me that the wedding is too far away!
  • BianxukBianxuk Posts: 494
    I know what you all mean. I have booked the church and will book the venue soon. But I have a feeling I should be booking everything else after June 2010 (1 year prior).

  • Yep same here, I have booked the church and the reception venue and looiked at a few dresses but i too feel that i should now wait till june 2010 a year b4........ Soooooo annoying... Want to find my dream dress.

    Steph x
  • I am exactly 1 year today until my big day so I will start the ball rolling in Jan to get most of it done.

    the venue is booked, flowers deposit paid, dress brought. thats it for the moment! im so excited! this time next year i will officially be Mrs Hurst! xxx
  • sorry i only just see the title is im getting married in 2011 - oops! well im almost 2011! lol! xx
  • I hate that we have to wait longer. Well, i suppose we dont HAVE to wait but you know, doesn't really make much sense to do it all now and have nothing to do nearer the time!! We're waiting now until May 2010. The venues are booked and between now and May just gonna start buying things like card to make invites, and just look at dj's, cars etc and other ideas but not book anything. I can't wait til may but i dont want to do it all now!
  • I agree

    Im getting married Sept 2011

    I have booked the venue but am scared to do anything else incase my taste changes

    Im totally confused about when I should buy the dress as I know everything else falls in place round this but I have this feeling that if I buy it too early (even though I have seen pretty much my dream dress) I will find something better and end up either buying 2 ! or regreting the first dress.

    I think I will start getting little bits Summer 2010 but I think even then its slightly too early.

  • I know what you mean and its so annoying!! Im getting married in June 2011, we have booked the church, reception and i have paid my deposit of my dream dress - feel like i cant do anything until next yr now and my H2B says dont want to talk about it until next yr now - come on 2010 lol x
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    gilly monkey im getting married the same day as u!!! we have booked the venue paid depoist for potographer and chocolate fountain. im finding that is we book things now we are gettin it at 2009 prices. ive tried a few dresses but the one i loved was to expensive so looking round. my bd iam getting from debenhams so we are getting them soon incase they not their next yr!!!
  • I'm getting married April 2011, i've got my dress already, we're seeing a venue in two weeks but my h2b cannot get interested whilst there is so much time left to plan everything. Also my dad passed away last month so i'm no longer in the mood to look at stuff just yet - feel like i'm being selfish by thinking about the wedding
  • HannikinsHannikins Posts: 1,046
    I'm getting married in June 2011 and have so far booked the venue, photographer and entertainment. I started dress shopping two years before the big day and did feel a little stupid at the time but as I've still not found my dreamdress I'm glad I started early!!!

    They reckon the average wedding takes 18 months to organised so in the new year I can really get started!!!
  • At least being a feb bride it's just over a year for me. I just ordered a veil off ebay, I really hope it goes with my dress!!
  • I thought it was just me! I cant wait for Jan 2010 so i can say 'oh we're getting married next year' rather than 'in 2011'. People look at you like you're crazy when you want to start planning stuff! I say people its more h2b he he.

    We're getting married in Cyprus so fortunately have a brilliant planner helping us so the wedding itself is all booked.

    Hopefully going to order my dress soon as i am 99.9% sure i have found 'the one' but cant wait to start looking properly at wedding rings, deciding on flowers, cakes etc ooooh sooo exciting i cant wait! x x
  • HannikinsHannikins Posts: 1,046
    Wifey81 - that's exactly how I feel. When I can say 'next year' I think i'll feel less like a nutter when I contact suppliers!
  • i totally agree! pretty far off for me too as we are looking at december 2011! ages away!!! in 2010 at least it will be "next year"

    think we have sorted our venue (not actually booked but should be by next month). i have a lot of things superficially planned in my head but nothing formally sorted. i think i will not do too much in the early part of next year but come summer - all systems GO!

    i too think (and have heard) it can take a good 18 months to plan a wedding without having to rush so i think early mid next year is a good tim eto really focus on it - at teh moment i am just enjoying getting a few ideas going.

    the dress however - i do not want to leave this too late! thinking of having one custom made so need to try loads on to get a good idea of what i want first - could take forever!

  • shem83shem83 Posts: 699
    katieb - if you've found a dress you like you should see how you feel in it. I've paid the deposit for my dress and figure if i found one i like, i'll not look at any more, theres no point. Just something esle to tick off your list. And i must agree now i've got it, it's put into place how i want the whole day to look.

  • i cant do nothing til jan as any money i get now is for christmas image its like a waiting game lolimage xx
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    next thing for us is wedding insurance. We can only do that 2 years before so will have to wait till 31st dec to get iot. However may leave it a week so covered for a week over the wedding if that makes sense x
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