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getting married 4th June 2011 anyone else?


ladies i am getting married on the 4th June 2011 and just looking to find anyone else would be nice to have some wedding day buddies?

so far we have booked the church and reception going dress shopping after christmas with my mum can't wait

i have been with my partner 6 years and been engaged for 5 so its so good to actually be getting married now i am so excited just can't wait

Gem XX


  • Hey Gem

    I'm getting married on the 4th too and I'm also a Gem! Whereabouts are you getting married? We are getting married near Stroud up towards Gloucester. I am so excited. We haven't put the deposit down yet but have been up to the venue twice to check it out.

    Really can't wait to get out and start dress shopping with the BM's

  • that is very strange two gems on the 4th june i am in worcestershire as well which is a bit weird next county over.

    we had booked a local hotel but not sure now as i was never 100% happy with it so going to carry on looking after christmas to see if we can find something i like better?
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