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Under 600 days, me just talking about my wedding and pics!

my dress

My adult BM

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  • 2011bride2011bride Posts: 1,828
    Well, I have been a bit pants at posting on here so I thought I would start. Im now on 598 days which still seems like forever but i think when i joined it would have been nearly 700 so not too bad!! And we got engaged on March 7th which is 8 months already Feels like yesterday!

    So I have done alot!

    Venue - check!!.

    Band - check

    Bridal party - check

    Dress - check

    Transport - check

    Photographer - check

    Bridesmaid dress check!

    We also have some of our favours that we got included in a deal from our photographer as it was his shop opening day he is amazing and so very friendly! So they are yankee candles called wedding day and they are in one of those wee bags with confetti in from the shop next door so we have 20 of those and getting the rest for ladies, and miniture whiskys for the men and then also a wee jam jar with sweeties in and a ribbon wrapped round with our names on it and date - does that sound good?

    We were also thinking of having fireworks and a bouncy castle for the children - there is 16 coming and to be frank they are more than a tad energetic!

    Here is my dress and my gorgeous bridesmaids one (its 3 sizes too big and also wayyy too long haha!)

  • MrsAndoMrsAndo Posts: 623
    Bootiful.. Love the colour!!

    I think the favours sounds lovely... Even better if you send me a sample bottle of whisky lol!

    Fireworks will be magical!

    L -x-
  • 2011bride2011bride Posts: 1,828
    Send u some whiskey before hand love, can check its not poison that way image
  • LOVES IT!!!


  • 2011bride2011bride Posts: 1,828
    Thanks lovely image xxx
  • I love your dress hun, and that colour purple is so gorgeous. x
  • 2011bride2011bride Posts: 1,828
    Thanks image my BM loves it
  • Hi hun

    583 days for me and I got engaged on Valentines day so we will be having similar length engagements!!!

    All your planning looks lovely! xxx
  • 2011bride2011bride Posts: 1,828
    Thanks Doris! How you doing? Yeah that is real close..whats your date? xx
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