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christmas eve wedding 2011

hiya anyone else getting married christmas eve 2011 :O) lots of love leanne;\)


  • nope but it sounds SO good. are you? im jealous lol xx
  • yeah we where going to get married in july but not everyone can be with us, so we thought christmas everyone gets together image

    im so excited image ive been looking at venues today and the all do christmas eve weddings image got to book it asap.

    how are your plans going lovely x x image

  • OMG I just got a warm fuzzy feeling reading your title... Christmas eve wedding... amazing!!! I can't wait to see all your wedding plans xxx
  • aww thank you lovely image I cant wait to share my wedding plans with you all wow i'm so excited image

    I'm going looking at more venues monday, but i kind of like the first one its a hotel with a church inside it, its just so beautiful. all the christmas trees are up aww what a perfect time to get married

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