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Who is having a Christmas wedding??


I was just wondering if anybody else is having a christmas wedding? I have booked my date for Dec 29th 2011 but it feels like ages away, boo!

I'm quiet a highly strung person and like to organise and do everything in advance where as my H2B would leave in until the month before if he had his way lol, his the kind that shops on xmas eve for presents! So far we have booked the venue but it still doesn't feel real yet! I'm itching to get started



  • My sis had a Christmas wedding last year and it worked out great as everybody had an extended holiday at the same time but i know its all a bit of a planning nightmare........we had to go to the florists to collect her flowers as they couldnt find anyone to deliver them!!!
  • Yeah we have already had to move the date from 28th to 29th as the suppliers for the venue are not open. It is a planning nightmare but I'm up for the challenge!!
  • Hey stacey, wer doin the crimbo thing on the 3rd december fiance sounds a bit like yours! xx
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