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Have I forgot anything?????

I'm trying to work out costs etc and not sure if I have forgotten anything to be included.....any help or suggestions welcome!

Venue (wedding and reception are at the same place)

Dress, shoes, hair and make up

Grooms, Best mans and ushers suits






Flower girls dress, shoes (not having bridesmaids)

Page boys suits

Reception music (Dj or band not sure yet)



Chair covers


Hotel for our wedding night

Table decorations

I'm not including the honeymoon in out budget as we are requesting for donations towards it rather than gifts.

I'm sure I am missing some obvious costs here, I would be grateful if anyone can think of anything else as I doubt I can convince H2B we need to save another £1000 for my forgetfulness ha ha


  • Hi does your venue costs include the food and drinks ?

    Jewellery ?

    Registrar fees extra ?

    insurance ?
  • videographer if you want one? x
  • save the dates? thankyou cards? xx
  • sprite68sprite68 Posts: 727
    Music for your ceremony?

  • H2B is a graphic designer so Save the Date cards, stationary, invites etc will be done by him, that should save some pennies. Yes venue cost includes food and drinks, sit down meal and hot buffet and also includes the registrar fees (just double checked phew!). I'm planning on making a compilation cd for the ceremony as I am going for christmas songs. I hadn't included underwear or jewellery. But insurance I'm not sure about I'm still trying to decide, might have a nose on some forums on here to help me decide.

    Thanks guys xxx
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