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Hi ladies, I'm new to all of this.

Hi ladies!!

Well this is my first post on here so please be gentle with me!! ;\)

Firstly, to introduce myself, I have been engaged to my Fiance for 13 months now, a month after we got engaged I found out I was pregnant and now we have an almost 5 months old baby girl!

After alot of talking the past few days we have decided to start planning out wedding for May 2011 - this gives me enough time to lose my baby weight image

We haven't told and of our families yet, we wanted to wait until we have found our venue and booked it first.

Our budget is going to be around £8-10,000 depending on when we do tell our families, if they can/want to contribute at all.

So thats me really!!

I am after some advice though, where do I start???? I've been on google looking at places, shall I get a shortlist of a few places and then make appointments to view them? How do I go about choosing my theme (I guess this depends on my venue?)

I did buy quite a few wedding mags when I was newly engaged, and esp loved YAYW and reading the real-life stories, so think I will treat myself to a subscription in the next few days.

Look forward to chatting to you all and planning our weddings!!

PG2 xx

Oh, I live in Southampton!!


  • sprite68sprite68 Posts: 727

    Congratulations on your engagement, forthcoming wedding & your beautiful baby girl - what a few months you've had!

    We chose our venue first. Did a few searches on internet, then visited our favourite - we were lucky as we both loved it. Word of advice, get your registrar sorted out at the same time as your venue. We booked our venue, then phoned the registrar & they had no time slots left for the day we wanted so we had to change the day to fit in with both places. Don't book your venue & assume you will get a registrar or you may be disappointed.

    You will be absolutely fine on your budget - ours is planned to be less than that, although it may come in around that figure if h2b keeps going the way he is!

    We are having a colour theme (ivory, chocolate brown & hot pink) rather than a named theme - but there is also likely to be a golf twist somewhere along the way as h2b is a keen golfer. I think your theme can be anything that the 2 of you want it to be.

    We've been engaged 4 months now & get married May 2010.

    Hope your planning goes well. xx
  • LizaAnnLizaAnn Posts: 201
    Hiya, Welcome!!!

    So, where to start... You're doing well...

    I would ask ya family first to find out how much and if they are going to contribute.... The reason I say this is that setting the budget guides everything else that you're going to do!!

    I would then short list venues and go to visit maybe 2 or 3... Set your budget for the venue and only look at venues within this budget!! Go with your gut instinct... When you walk in, did it give you goosebumps?? This is the effect you're after! Don't visit venues that you know you can't afford, you'll only get upset when it has everything, but you can't have it! hehe!!! Have a list of questions - everything from number of people allowed, to who will be around on your day to help. Be cheeky and get a discount for booking so far in advance- the majority of places will honour their prices from this year!!!

    Yes, like you say, your theme will completely depend on what your venue is like... We are getting married in a barn conversion and it is pink - which lead us to our pink theme... Also, use your favourite things... My favourite flowers are gerberas and these are going to be a big part of our ay - in the flowers and also on the stationary and hair, etc...

    Hope this helps... ~if you have any other questions, feel free to ask!!!

    Mrs Colville to be!!xxx
  • LizaAnnLizaAnn Posts: 201
    oh and like sprite68 says ring registrar to book date... as we getting married in 2011 - we can only provisionally book the date 2 years in advance and then 1 year in advance we have the meetings etc...xx
  • Hello!! Welcome and congratulations!!! Definitely get cracking with the venues. H2B and i went to look at one on the off chance. Two weekends for sept 2011 were already booked so we provisionally booked then! Would have been gutted if we'd left it any later.

    Other than that just get as many ideas as you can. Ive had so many fantastic ideas from this site already. Any picture i like i've saved. Not bought anything yet but have a lot of ideas!

    And other than that just enjoy it!! Its very exciting!!

    Regarding your theme i asked H2B and he said pink. i had my heart set on midnight blue. My dad would look ridiculous with a pink cravat. H2B would look fab, my bridesmaids would all look awful in pink... so we're having both!! It just depends on you, H2B and your wedding party and venue i suppose! You'll know whats right when you find it!

    x x
  • TTCno2TTCno2 Posts: 176
    Thank you so much for your replies ladies.

    Your chosen colours all sound fab!

    I think I will do that. and get a shortlist of venues and then we can go off and have a look at them.

    Even though we have so long to plan it, it seems very daunting to both of us at the moment.

    I think we will get Christmas out of the way and then we will properly start to organizethings, but its nice to get alot of advice/ideas for when I can officially start buying things!!

    I know in my head how I would like the venue/wedding to be. but I just cant describe it well, even to be H2B! I would something like this -

    very 'natural' looking, with lots of candles and lots of creams, and possibly very pale pink or pale green. Does that even make sense?!

    I'm not sure on b/maids yet, whether to just have my daughter as our flower girl, or to have my 3 closed friends (but obv this would bump the price up alot)

    Sorry ladies..I have so many thoughts in my head they are just spilling out onto this page!!

  • Dont apologise PinkGirl!! This is the place for all your ideas. That venue and decoration is beautiful. If you know you want it to look natural thats a very good place to start!! Try looking for lots of pictures and save them to your computer - that way you can show H2B, florist etc how you imagine the venue if you can't describe it!! image
  • Congratulations!!

    The first thing I did was work out a preliminary guest list to give me an idea of numbers as this helped me choose my venue shortlist. I then googled some places in my area, went and visited them and met their wedding coordinators etc. After that it all starts falling into place, I use loads and loads of google images to get ideas on dresses, cakes, florists, photogrpahers etc. I am still planning (wedding July next year) and it is really fun. Being on here can be great too. Loads of great advice and photos for inspiration.

    I hope your family are thrilled with the news and look forward to hearing updates on the planning x
  • TTCno2TTCno2 Posts: 176
    Thanks lucie123 (think you just replied ot my other post - about diy invites!)

    We did a rough guest list tonight as a few places I was looking stated how many people they could accomodate.

    After looing at another venue I think I would like to have cream,ivory,pale gold scheme. Obv will have to talk to my H2B about this but I think he will be happy with whatever I like. But I wonder what colour flowers I would have to match?!

    I feel so excited, and think I'm going to really enjoy this planning....just hope I can stay relaxed about it all.

  • That colour scheme sounds gorgeous!!
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