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liverpool fc garter

hi every one im new to this web site all of a few mins ago lol....lookin some advice as h2b is a liverpool mad supporter and id love to get a liverpool garter but im finding it really hard to get my hands on one... i have even emailed pr from the liverppol web site and have not heard any thing back yet..

hope sum one can help me good luck every one

Lee xx:\?


  • sarahbubssarahbubs Posts: 1,049
    Ahhhh thats nice, my h2b is a mad chelsea fan and i reckon hed like me to have a chealsea one! im really nit sure hun.. have u googled everywhere? xx
  • why dont u ask someone to make u one in the liverpool colours?they arent that hard to make and would still be effective.u could then get a liverpool fabric badge that u can sew onto it?image x
  • hey,

    My H2b is rugby mad so I found on ebay one for £9.99 they make it to the colours u want and have your names and the team embroidered on, I have a mini rugby ball in the centre of the bow but they do football ones too. search on there for football garter if u have no luck I will post the link for u x
  • Hi Sapphirebride2011, I'd be interested in the link if you could post it please? xxx

    that is the shop that sells them, I think they have some already made up but I ordered one to my specification for the rugby colours image hope u have luck with them xxx
  • thanks ladies ill have a wee look at the link.. have googled it and ppl say liverpool store used to sell them.. also seen a lovely picture of one but cant access the web site ragin.. 2beemrsg i think you can buy a chelsea one on the store. sent pr an email about the garter but aint heard nothing bk...
  • Hi

    My H2B is a huge Liverpool fan I have found this site that do garters

    Hope that helps x
  • Hi

    My H2B is a huge Liverpool fan as well. I don't think they do an official one, well certainly not online but I have found the website below that does them.

    Hope it helps x x
  • Hi,

    Did you manage to find anything? I am looking for the same thing and have been searching for ages. Can you let me know if and where you found one please.

    Riane x
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