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Any birmingham brides out there?


just wanted to know what your plans are in birmingham,

I think im getting married in row heath pavillion in bournville,

thanks xxx


  • MrsMadge2BMrsMadge2B Posts: 6
    I am also a Birmingham bride. We are having our reception at New Hall Hotel in Sutton Coldfied - sit down meal for the breakfast and a Hog Roast in the evening x x x
  • hey just saw your post. im also using new hall, for ceremony and reception, i cnt wait. when are u getting married xx
  • Hi,

    I'm getting married at St Pauls Church in Kings Norton and my reception is at Rowheath Pavillion. 377 days to go!
  • I'm getting married August next year at Moxhull Hall. Really excited!!

    How are your plans going? x
  • Hey Kylie, I'm also getting married at Moxhull Hall but in November next year!!

    Just booked venue, registrar and the wedding insurance so far but have looked into lots of other things. We pretty much know what we want for the day, just got to source it image

    How are your plans going?
  • Hi NutterRae,

    Plans are going good so far!

    Dress bought, bridesmaids dresses too, registrar booked, photographer booked, band booked. I've got appointments coming up with florists, cake maker. Picked suits but not put a deposit down yet.

    I need to get in touch with moxhull and make sure that the prices quoted will not change with the vat increase in January!!

    Chuffed there's another moxhull bride on here

    are you having the ceremony inside or outside?

    How many guests u having? xx
  • WOW, you are really organised!!

    We're getting married on 6 November (a Sunday), so assuming that the weather will be bad, we've chosen to marry inside with the fire lit. Would love to have married outside as the gazebo and gardens are stunning but we are unlikely to get decent weather. How about you?

    We're keeping the ceremony quite small (my children, the parents, grandparents and our brothers and sisters) so we have about 35 guests for that and then having about 150-170 for the evening. How many are you having?

    Did see one dress that I loved, and have been trying to track it down ever since, which is difficult as I don't know the designer or the name of the dress!! image My daughter and I spotted it across the hall at the National Wedding show but neither of us could get close enough to find anything out - typical for me, don't like things to be too easy image

    Can I ask which photographer and band you've booked, they're next on my list but I research the internet for ages and ages and then have way too much information in my head!
  • Hi Nutterrae,


    We have chosen to get married outside so im keeping fingers crossed the weather holds out for us!!

    But the inside of Moxhull is lovely too so if we have to go inside, that's fine by me!!

    Were having it very close family and friends so approx 40 people to the meal and approx 100 people to the evening.

    We have booked Jo Hasting photography, she's worked a Moxhull quite a few times and her work is beautiful.

    Have a look on her website or go on Moxhull's Facebook page and some of her photographs on there too!


    The band we have booked is called the Wedding Crashers.... They are brill!! Been to watch them perform a few times at the Jam House in the Jewellery Quarter and they really get the party going.


    I'm sure you'll come across the dress..... if its meant to be!! I bought mine from the national wedding show too, theres some real good deals to be had there !!

  • Hi kylie,

    Looked at Jo's website isn't she brilliant?? You've made a good choice there!

    We were going to start seriously looking at photographers but my employer has announce this week that they will be making redundancies, I wont know if it affects me until after Christmas but I could be jobless from April image We don't want to book loads of things until we are sure my job is safe or not. We are hoping that as our wedding is in November and on a Sunday that suppliers wont be all booked up image

    Added to that lovely piece of news is the fact that we are having a baby image due on 5th May, if I do still have a job then my maternity leave will run right up to the wedding, giving me lots of time (hopefully image ) to get organising and making things and plenty of time to look for a dress (but not so much time to get it ordered and altered!!!!)

    Hope you are well. Hey, did you hear back from Moxhull about the VAT increase?

  • i'm a birmingham bride too we get married at the botanical gardens next june image
  • The Botanical Gardens will be beautiful in June - how fantastic!
  • it seems to have been booked forever can't wait until we can say we are getting married this year image
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