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Any date twins 11th June 2011?

be nice to share we're we are all at etc. x image


  • hellstaylorhellstaylor Posts: 269
    be nice to share we're we are all at etc. x image
  • I am a fellow 11th June 2011 bride to be!

    How are you getting on so far?

    Well, a bit about me I guess.......

    Laura-anne, 25, getting married in Balbirnie House Hotel in Fife, Scotland. Having ceremony & reception there.

    How is the planning/booking coming on?

    LA xx
  • inkiepixieinkiepixie Posts: 2,156
    Me me me! And I know Sally Bowman-to-be is too :\)

    I'm in Nottingham but we're getting married near Ashbourne in Derbyshire at a gorgeous country manor house image We've booked the venue and the caterer (and paid deposits) and provisionally booked the registrar.

    What time are your ceremonies at? Ours is 4pm so most of you will be old marrieds by the time we tie the knot!
  • lol inkiepixie!

    We get married at 2pm so will beat you to it! I dont know if I could wait til 4pm - kinowing me I will be up at 4am that is if I sleep at all!!

    Has anyone seen any dresses??

    LA xx
  • inkiepixieinkiepixie Posts: 2,156
    I need PLENTY of time to not get stressed! If it was any earlier I'd work myself up into a right frenzy - and if I can't sleep the night before I might be able to catch up image

    My mum is making my dress; not picked out a final pattern yet but we're getting there.
  • I am I am only just we are going to look at the venue on sun but we have provisionally booked it, is it still ok to join???

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  • Of course berrykiss!

    If you like the venue on Sunday will you book it?

    Inkiepixie - I wish there was someone talented in my family that could make a dress for me. Then it is definitely "your" dress and nobody else will wear one the same. I am still undecided on straps or no straps at the minute for my dress - just cant wait to try some on!

    LA x
  • hellstaylorhellstaylor Posts: 269
    yipeee, there's a few of us already, I'm 34 from Sheffield, getting married at 2pm, excited 1st time bride and I've already done loads, we're getting hitched at the local church where my parents and grandparents were married then off to Sitwell Arms at Renishaw for a knees up... Found THE dress 2 weeks ago.... OMG.... I looked at loads and had a decent budget of £1-1.5k. I ended up in a sample shop called New York Bride and found the perfect dress for a measly £480, i'll post pics when I get some, need alterations but don't they all.. also found a dress maker to make my bridesmaid dresses for the bargain price of £30 each (and she's fab).. also got a local lady to make my cake for next to nothing.. so far so good. How's everyone else getting on?

  • Jenda1Jenda1 Posts: 1,350 2 days after...no1 is my date twin! lol x
  • hellstaylorhellstaylor Posts: 269
    Jenda, you can still be our date twin (ish) whats 2 days between brides to be.. come on.... details, details, details.. x
  • Welcome Jenda!

    I have seena dress I love (actually saw it in real life at a wedding show) and going to try it on on the 27th of this month. Cant wait! I hope it is as nice on me as I imagine!

    Well, I have booked band and photograoher but thats all so far. The plan at the moment is to have my bridesmaids in a teal/turquoise colour with ivory roses and I want bright pink roses in mine and that will really be the theme. I will no doubt change my mind!

    Keep all the details coming ladies........

    Hellsbell - what a result with the dress! I am the same - budgeted about £1200 for the dress and the one I am going to try on is only £650 minus any alterations image

    LA xx
  • hellstaylorhellstaylor Posts: 269

    Good luck with the dress try on... I love getting bargains but thought, 'what the hell, i'll splurge' but get a bargain anywayimage

    Got a great buy with my wedding ring too, browsing through ebay (like you do) and found a platinum and Diamond TIFFANY wedding band, with receipt for £1400. I won at £360.... Fair enough it's second hand but i'd never have had one otherwise and I love it,,x
  • OMG that is fab! oooo.....may have to go and have a look and hope I am as lucky. I am lucky enough to own a tiffany necklace but a tiffanys weddig ring would be amazing!

    How is the rest of your planning going?

    La xx
  • YAY we have booked our venue for the 11th June wooo hoooo. xxxx
  • hellstaylorhellstaylor Posts: 269
    welcome berrykiss, come on, details, where etc etc.

    Laura-anne, honestly, get on ebay, you might just droop lucky like I did. Everyone keeps turning their nose up when I tell them saying it'll be unlucky... my response, they obviously bought it new and it wasn't very lucky for them so what the hell. You've got a good year to get it.

    I'm doing really well with everything, I like planning well in advance so i'm hoping in the months before I can put my feet up.... I got some gorgeous shoes at the weekend, inn the sale,, (bonus) and I love them...

    Hows your planning going? x
  • hellstaylorhellstaylor Posts: 269

    Did you try the dress on? what was it like? any pics yet?

    Helen x
  • My appointment isnt until the 27th image wish it was sooner!! WIll definitely post some pics when Ive tried it on - if it is "the one" that is!!

    Love the shoes!! And what a bargain! I saw a pair in next I like that would go with the dress I like but their website isnt working just now so cant post a pic image

    Congrats on getting the venue booked berrykiss - we want details!

    I'm like you hellsbell - love planning things and hope to have ti all organised with a few months to spare to relax and enjoy looking forward to it!

    Laura-anne xx
  • hellstaylorhellstaylor Posts: 269
    Well lets face it,,, once the wedding is done with there's the hen do's to organise.... you given it any thought yet? i'm fancyin a weekend in London, show on the west end one night and a good old binge drinking session on the other, lol. also a night in a local mexican resteraunt for the ones that can't make it. x
  • I am in Dundee and planning a weekend in Edinburgh. Going to go and see a show at the playhouse on the Friday for the other generation to enjoy. Spa day on the Saturday and then, like you, a drinking session on the Saturday night!!!

    planning on doing it on the May Day bank holiday weekend image Didnt want to do it too close to the actual wedding. H2B is doing a days go-karting followed by a drinking session or two!!

    Cannot actually wait! I just keep thinking - this time next year I will be fit to burst!! lol xxx
  • I know I am a bit late joining in now but I am also getting married on the 11th June 2011! So far we have booked the church and the hotel for the reception. I am from Blackpool and the church is nearby, went there when younger and the hotel is in St Annes, just down the road. x
  • Welcome Princess61! Congrats on getting you venues booked! Have you booked anything else? Hows the planning coming along. Next June seems so far off when you've got 2 birthdays like me and a Christmas to get through before the big day. But my second birthday is only 5 days before the wedding!!! I will far too excited then!

    Had a look at your venue - looks lovely with the views of the sea! Do you have a dress yet?

    LA xx
  • inkiepixieinkiepixie Posts: 2,156
    Hey Princess61 :\) I'm originally from Southport by the way!

    i'm not sure I'll be having a hen do really; i don't drink and don't particularly like ebing around drunk people, so if I do have one then it'll just be a meal with my closest friends.
  • Hello

    Ok so we booked The Manor Barn at Buriton.

    Its beautiful.

    How far has everyone got with the planning.

    It so good to talk to ppl getting married on the same date.

    Hehehe so excited.

  • Hi Berrykiss. Think I mentioned earlier in the thread but here I go.....

    Venue booked

    Photographer booked

    Band booked

    Kilts orderes

    Chosen colour scheme

    Chosen who my BMs are

    Going to try on a dress I like on 27th

    That is all so far I think.

    Absolutely love the reception room at your venue hun. So rustic looking but very pretty at the same time.

    You seen any dresses yet?

    LA xx
  • HannikinsHannikins Posts: 1,046
    another 11th june bride here. I live in Blackpool but I'm getting married in Preston
  • Hi ladies

    Im getting married 4pm june 11th...very xcited xx
  • inkiepixieinkiepixie Posts: 2,156
    Ooh mrssarge exactly the same time as me!

    15 months today people!! image
  • OMG it is 15 months today.

    LA thank you we love it. My first appointment is on the 20th march i'm going to The Dress in teddington. How about you??

  • Ahhhhhh 15 months today is very exciting! I am imagining how excited I will be when it is a year to go!

    Going to try on a dress at a shop called The Bride near where I live on the 27th. Looking forward to it. I just want to put it on and say "Yip, thats it - I'll take it!!" lol.

    LA xx
  • hellstaylorhellstaylor Posts: 269
    oh no..........dress wobbles,,,,,, I have my dream dress, loved it when I put it on and bought it but I've just seen the Ian Stuart 'Aruba' and love that too, plenty of time I know but. Eeeeeeek. x
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