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October 2011 Brides?

Hi girlies,

Anybody getting married in October 2011?

We're 09.10.11



  • jennifno1jennifno1 Posts: 45
    I'm 22nd October 2011. Hoping the weather is decent!
  • Me too! We've chosen Santorini but its a bit chilly in October!!

    How far are you with your planning? x
  • Im gettin married 22 oct too i hope the weather will be dry at least.

    Mrspowell 09.10.11 that so cool lol x
  • KaySKayS Posts: 99
    Hi ladies

    Im booked in for 29th oct 2011. I've just ordered my ian Stuart florentina dress-so excited! Our venue has been booked for ages, and have just booked my band and photographer. I thought I was being scarily organised but glad I was because both have got bookings into 2013!

  • leannejjleannejj Posts: 176
    I'm getting married on 1st October 2011. The weather in October was really nice last year so let's hope it happens again in 2011! x
  • I am scary organised too! Got my dress, ceremony venue inc. photographer, music, transport sorted, got reception sorted and just bought the rings this weekend - although H2b and me both want to wear them now!!x
  • hey we are getting married 9.10.11 at holland hall in wigan only booked the venue so far tryed about 20 dresses on and didnt really like any off them got to book photographer so though as he has already got 80 bookings for 2011 x
  • Hi

    Im getting married on 29th October 2011 at Cooling Barn in Kent ! So excited already but it seems so far away image x
  • jennifno1jennifno1 Posts: 45
    I've bought my dress and shoes, booked registrar and photographer and chosen the invitations, my veil and cake topper. Just waiting on payday to order the next round of items!!
  • jennifno1jennifno1 Posts: 45
    Oops, double post!


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  • jennifno1jennifno1 Posts: 45
    I've bought my dress and shoes, booked registrar and photographer and chosen the invitations, my veil and cake topper. Just waiting on payday to order the next round of items!!
  • MrsPinkieMrsPinkie Posts: 65
    We are hoping the 15th/22nd or 29th october hoping 29th as that will be anniversary of when other half asked me to marry him image x
  • We are getting married 08/10/11. So far, have ordered my dress, my veil, bought my shoes and accessories. Have booked the venue and the church, are currently looking at entertainment and transport. My dad is being the photographer, my nan is doing the cake, my soon to be mother in law is making the buttonholes, my grandma is decorating the church with flowers and my mum is making the invitations (which we have kind of designed, although need to think about the save the dates first lol). It's all very exciting if a little stressful. Glad to hear there are quite a lot of October brides to be out there image x
  • Sweety24 - I'm getting married on 8.10.11 as well image

    Can't believe how organised you are that's great!! We've got the church, reception venue, transport and photographer booked! Hopefully get a band booked soon too. I've not even started to look at dresses yet!
  • hi im october 29th too cant wait but have organised most of it already image

  • MrsPinkieMrsPinkie Posts: 65
    Woo day buddy! Are you also worried bout the weather or is that just me mrsbrown? lol

  • Hi

    I'm getting married 1st October 2011 at Rowton Castle, I'm a bit worried now seeing how organised everyone isimage So far I have the church, venue and photographer booked and I've just ordered my save the date magnets and place cards (I loved them and couldn't resist buying them even though its a bit early)

    I'm looking for invitation ideas at the moment, I like the poketfold style but so far they are a bit expensive so if anyone has any tips that would be helpful. I'm also looking for wedding cars.

  • MrsPinkieMrsPinkie Posts: 65
    Looks like defo the 29th october so hope its niceish lol so i can get some good pictures as our party venue is in the country! xxx
  • sophimasonsophimason Posts: 7

    Me and Adam are getting married on 7th October 2011. So excited and always thinking about it.

    So far we have booked the venue, registrar and put a deposit on my wedding dress!

  • Hey 2 days before you on 7/10/11....exciting!
  • love2sparklelove2sparkle Posts: 256
    Were getting married on 1st October 2011 can't wait image

    So far we've booked the venue, provisionally booked the registrar, daytime and evening entertainment, chosen stationary but not finalized booking (feel its a little too early for that yet as were gonna use a private company) the photographer, the florist and chosen my dress.

    Nice to see so many people like me and super organised image love it!!
  • anfa77anfa77 Posts: 389
    Hi Ladies

    I'm also 7th of Oct image cant wait!! Hope everyones planning is going well xxxx
  • BeckicklesBeckickles Posts: 191
    I think I'm 21st October 2011. Just waiting for Virgin to confirm the dates image
  • mrswilson_2bmrswilson_2b Posts: 343
    Im 15th October 2011 image just booked our venue today, havent done anything else image

    You are all so organised, i thought i was way to early to be booking the registra or anything else for that matter x
  • Yey I'm 15th October too...we have only booked the venue so far!!xx
  • bridecleobridecleo Posts: 6
    We are getting married on the 15th October. Got the venue, registrar and videographer sorted and waiting to hear back off photographer. Save the date cards are all made and ready to go out and yesterday I found THE dress. Beautiful it def is and I can't wait to wear it. October next year seemed so far away but it's slowly coming around.

    Good luck to you all who are getting married in October 2011. Hope all your planning goes well and you have a fantasic day on your wedding day image
  • fay197fay197 Posts: 9
    Hi! I've provisionally booked for 1st October 2011 as that's all that was available at the venue I like. Is anyone else a bit scared about the weather?! I can't decide whether or not to keep the date!! x
  • bridecleobridecleo Posts: 6
    Hi Fay.

    October is a lovely month with the change in season and leaves falling on the ground. Depends what you're wanting as to what month you want to get married in. The weather in England can never be predicted look at how many rainy summers we've had over recent years. Always have 2 plans when it comes to the weather then if it rains switch to the other plan you've done. I'm so not worrying about the weather as where we are getting married is all under one roof. The only thing I will invest in is an umbrella just incase we have pictures taken outside and the weather isn't brilliant.

    Good luck to you whatever you do, I'm sure your wedding will be perfect no matter what.
  • kelmistykelmisty Posts: 860
    I'm getting married on the 7th October 2011 at Chilston Park, Lenham.

    Soooooo excited.....Venue booked, Registrar booked and paid for, DJ booked, Photographer booked....

    Save the Dates - Made

    Soooooooooo excting! image
  • we are getting married 15th oct. got venue and transport.... and that is it! sounds like I better get my act together though! oh and got rings made. I was worried that if i got a dress now body shape would change before oct but maybe i should just go fot it. what do others think?!
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