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Manor Barn, Hampshire


Is anyone else getting married here? We are getting married on the 23 July 2011


  • Hello

    if it's the one in Buriton then yes we are on the 11 th June 2011. X image
  • Yay Yes it is. How is the planning coming along? We have booked the big things. We havent had any contact with the Barn so i assuming everything is ok lol.

    Which food company are you using?
  • Yay a venue twin. We haven't booked much yet apart from the florist lol we are looking at photographers but everyone wants money so we are going to book things month on month I think.

    Ohhh our save the dates arrived today I'll add some pics later.

    We booked the barn rush without looking at it properley and asking all the questions because they only had June 11th free and another couple where interested. so we went bk and had a look and met Jan and Tim who make sure everything runs smoothly on the day and they are the loveliest ppl ever!

    Food wise we really like jacarada if we go for a 3 course meal but H2B loves a good old BBQ so might use the BBQ guy and have a hog roast.

    Our colour theme is yellow, green and ivory.

    Have you found your dress yet??

    Do you live localy to Buriton??

    We live in Witley nr Godalming.

    So exciting to have a venue twin


  • Hey venue twin

    We are using Blue fig as we found everyone else a little expensive. We booked the Flower Company as our florist and we have booked a photographer from Somerset as it was cheaper and you get 2 people so one can follow me and the other follow my H2B. I think we are having a hog roast for the evening which is cool.

    My colour theme is red and ivory as red is my fav colour.

    Yes i have ordered my dress its prefect. It was quite easy it was the third one i saw and i have just ordered my shoes.Its a good feeling to have finally brought something i can see. I also have a make up trial on Sunday as i wanted to find someone i liked so i thought i would start seeing people now but she seems great and not to expensive. We have also booked a string quartlet for the ceremony.

    We live in Portsmouth. At first i didnt chose the barn to visit i wanted a manor house but we both fell in love with the venue.

    We met Tim and Jan before we booked it but we will meet them again in the winter. I only got confirmation from the agents so it worried me a little.

    We are currently looking into the prices of chairs but its difficult without knowing numbers. Thats great about your save the date cards, cant wait to see them. We have found some nice invites just waiting to see if i can get the right colour.

    I still dont feel that organised compared to some people but i think we are doing ok. We also have the cars booked and the night before im stilling at the Lythe Hill Hotel and Spa in Haslemere which looks really nice.

    Areyou having the fairy lights and candles? Are you going to add anymore decorations except flowers?

  • Hello

    I'm trying on dresses today eeekkk lol.

    We are only having flowers I don't like the ivy so we will just have the fairy lights lights yes to the candles.

    We are staying in the cottage at the barn.

    I don't know if I should be more organised I feel like I haven't done anything, I think I need to start making decisions on photographer, caterers, videographers etc........ Loads haven't even looked at Like the transport or cake.

    What do you think??

  • Hey

    Yes we were thinking about staying at cottage as well for our wedding night. It looks really nice.

    I havent made my mind up about the ivy especially where the wooden boards are.

    I wont worry about the organsation thing. Everyone goes at their own pace. I would say get in contact with the caterers and make sure they are still free on that date as we missed out on one at Easter.

    We have decided to have our wedding cake as the dessert as we felt if we had a cake it would go to waste.

    Good luck with the dress shopping it feels really weird but in a good way
  • Oh gosh

    Ok so I had been to two dress shop one with beautiful hand made in England dresses quite exspensive and the other with equally beautiful more high street designers.

    ok my problem I love two very similar dresses what do I do??

    one fits perfectly the other will need work on the bust also the more exspensive one started rubbing under my arms.

    Also there is a £1200 difference but my dad said not to think so much about that???

    What to do???


  • When i found my dress i just knew it was the right one. Also i went back a month later and picked the same dress without realising it was the one from before. I would shop around a little to make sure you get the right one? Also you want one which is going to be comfortable(ish) to wear as it will be a very long day.

    I would listen to your dad about the price lol. My dress is a Sophia Tolli dress its lovely but i have to wait until Nov before i can go for a fitting

  • tatiana007tatiana007 Posts: 58
    Hello! We are getting married at the Manor Barn on 18 June 2011! So exciting to see this thread -berrykiss you're the Saturday before us. We're using Blue fig too Shortyperry. Have you any idea how you are going to decorate the barn? As it's so lovely inside I am hoping flowers can be kept to a minimum. Look forward to hearing from you XX
  • tatiana007tatiana007 Posts: 58
    p.s. Shortieperry who did you book your cars with? That is next on my list! x
  • Yay another bride.

    I am having long tables not round. We have a lot of guests so this would work best for us.

    Our colours are yellow, green and ivory, not sure how we are going to decorate the barn yet. But i don't think i want the ivy.

    We are using BBQ chef because we just want a hog and bbq not a three course thing.

    I feel like i can't do much planning it just feels so far away.

    I have booked a photographer, Florist and Make-up.

    Cars i still have to do.

    Do you live in surrey tatiana??

    So exciting.


  • tatiana007tatiana007 Posts: 58
    Hi Berrykiss, I actually grew up in Witley! Me and H2B live in London but my family is now in Petersfield. Which florist and hair/make person did you go with? I've ordered my dress and we've booked the caterer, photographer, DJ and a string quartet although I have to admit we didn't do a huge amount of research and just went with recommendations etc so seriously hoping all will work out fine! Blue (like a sky blue) and white is the colour theme but because blue flowers are difficult to do I think we'll go for whites and pale pinks with greenery as that will sit nicely against the blue and then we'll bring in the blue in other ways still to be worked out! Are you getting married at St Mary's next door? xx
  • How old are you? No we are getting married in Witley church. We are using blush Floral design she advertises on this website she is really good. Make up I have booked a company called Beauty Call really good all professional artists.

    What school did you go to?


  • tatiana007tatiana007 Posts: 58
    I went to junior school in Godalming then moved away. I'm 26. How about you? Just looked at Beauty Call. I like the look of them and it doesn't look like you have to pay for the trial either which is great! x
  • If it was Godalming junior school then that is the same as me lol. I am a little younger i'm 23 but you would have been there at the same time.

    The other good thing about beauty call is if the artist gets sick there is loads of others to come who will be almost the same.

    I'm going wedding dress shopping on the 4th of September yay.

    Less the 10 months to go for me now. hehehe.

  • Hi,

    Its great to find other people who are getting married at the Manor barn

    I have booked my cars through Premier Carriage Ltd. Its a great website. Its shows you all the cars available to hire in your area and their prices are average.

    We are using the flower company to do our flowers and we have chosen our menu now and our chairs. We cant decide what to do about the drinks and the bar, as we can do it ourselves but not to sure if we want the hassle.

    Its weird we havent got much to do but im thinking its the calm before the storm

  • P.S Im having a make up trial with Beauty Call next Sunday but if i like them i will have my hair trial closer to the time. I didnt like the idea of having to book someone so early but not having a trial closer to the time in case i didnt like them.
  • hello

    i know its weied i feel like I don't have anything to do i think after xmas the time will go very quick.

    we are looking at honeymoons atm.


  • hello ladies i think i've found my dress!!! woo hoo
  • oooh Berrykiss what's it like!?

    We've sorted the flowers and are looking at honeymoons image

    Shortieperry -what did you think of Beauty Call?

  • hehehe its justin alexander 8196

    But i have to tell the story

    Ok so i have been to 5 wedding dress shop and hadn't found anything!

    My friends Aunty has a wedding dress shop and is doing a fashion show in the nwxt few weeks and i got ropped into wearing the dresses lol.

    So we went for a fitting on sunday and I noticed a bag on the sale rack with a beautiful dress inside!

    After everyone had left it was just my friend and her aunty and me so i tried it on OMG it fit perfectly. eeeekkkkk que crying from all of us lol

    So then she told me the good and the bad news Bad news first it was the last dress and was being discutuned eeeekkkk good news she would sell it to me for wait for it £450 but it has to be that dress.

    so we left and i couldn't stop thinking about the dress so i came on YAYW in the eve lol and saw a girl in the dress (before this point i didn't know who the dress was by) and she said the dress was justin alexander 8196 so i gooled it and i thought oh my gosh thats the dress retailing at £1220 and i would be so lucky to get in for £450.

    Ok so now i have a dilema i called my local stockest of justin alexander and she said she would have to order the dress and the lowest price she could sell it to me for is £850. What do i do just get the dress for £450 and hope that when its dry cleaned it looks like new or bit the bullet and get it brand new for £850?


    Sorry its so long

    What flowers are you having


  • OOOOH exciting! I have a justin alexander too -8343. I love it.

    Now, your dilemma. I think I would spend £850 and know you're going to get the absolute perfect dress. Chances are if you got it dry cleaned it would be as good as new but for peace of mind i would get it brand new.

    Flowers, ivory and pale pink roses and foliage are the core flowers. We're having cube vase centerpieces (i think), the ivy in those window gap things with the tea lights, 3 arrangements on the beams in the "dining area" and a couple of arrangements on the radiators. What are you doing?

  • Yeah I'm going to go and have a proper good look at the dress and see.

    We are having Bay trees out the front with Gerbera Daisy's placed in the leaves.

    The flowers we are going for are daisy's and sweet peas in white and the yellow roses and yellow freesias

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