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Do you think it will all look OK?

Hi Ladies,

11 months till my big day and I have the important things sorted, I'm just flapping its not all going to fit together, so far this is what I have:

Dress (alfred angelo 1622)



Just gunna post the other pics now!


  • emmaelcemmaelc Posts: 98


  • jayabooukjayaboouk Posts: 574
    all looks lovely so far.

    Jo x
  • emmaelcemmaelc Posts: 98

    I really don't know whether or not to have a veil either? What do you think ladies?
  • emmaelcemmaelc Posts: 98
    Thanks Jo - I think I might make an appointment and try it all on together coz I'm having a huge wobble about it all!
  • stephie3ukstephie3uk Posts: 288
    I am having a veil as well as a tiars and i think that looks lovely. it depends how traditional you want to be? xxx
  • MrsVanderSteenMrsVanderSteen Posts: 8,204
    Wooo love your dress and tiara!
  • emmaelcemmaelc Posts: 98
    Thanks Ladies!

    I'm still not 100% on the veil thing though. Decisions, decisions!
  • I think it looks lovely - where are the shoes from?
  • Yes, very beautiful image
  • crazyminxcrazyminx Posts: 187
    Wow gorgeous dress! Yes it all looks lovely, bet it will look beautiful together.

    Personally I'd have a veil esp as the dress is quite traditional, but it's totally up to you whether you feel comfortable. Maybe try some on with thedress and the tiara?
  • emmaelcemmaelc Posts: 98
    I've decided I'm having a veil!

    Shoes are from debehenhams - i paid £40 for them last year (before I'd even bought the dress) and they were in the sale recently for £10! They are gorgeous and so comfy!???????
  • cazanncazann Posts: 832
    They all look lovely and I'm sure they'll go together very nicely. Well done on the bargain shoes!! I love a bargain!!

    I'd recommend everyone tries a veil with their dress, even if you're adamant you don't want one. My daughter was sooo NOT having one, then tried one on and immediately changed her mind. I've read posts where a lot of ladies on here have done exactly the same.
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