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Alternative wedding cake


I'm getting married in March and am starting to get down to my more in depth parts of planning

I'm really not into flowers and wedding cakes but my sister mentioned that she went to a wedding where they had a wedding cake of cheese instead of a traditional cake. My fiance and I absolutely love the idea and know that alot of my guests like cheese and port (we're having a hog roast and chocolate fountain as our reception food). Am I being too different by going for this idea or should i not care what anyone else thinks? I may still have a small sponge wedding cake or cupcakes as we have alot of kids attending. Thanks gals image


  • MrsSavage2BMrsSavage2B Posts: 266
    Hey, go for it!

    I wouldnt worry about what others think, its a nice change to the usual stuff. If it was me though, I wouldnt have a small cake for the kids either - If your having a chocolate fountain they'll be happy enough with that.

  • july2011july2011 Posts: 817
    We're having a cheese cake too - We both love cheese, our families love cheese, it just makes a whole lot more sense to have cheese! We're also doing cupcakes too, I think.

    But yes, I bet so many more people at your wedding will think "oooh, how cool" than "where is the bright white fruit cake?"
  • MrsSavage2BMrsSavage2B Posts: 266
    You have got me thinking about doing it now!

    I googled some after replying, it looks great and is actually quite alot cheaper than a cake too.

    One question though - does anybody know if they really smell? That the only thing I'm worried about.
  • Roydsy2bRoydsy2b Posts: 25
    Yeah I love the cheese cake idea! I saw one at a wedding fair, it had been done by Waitrose. I don't know if you have a waitrose near you, but the lady on the stand just said to go and have a word with the man on the cheese stand in store and he would be able to organise having the extra cheeses delivered into the store for you, which would probably give you quite a good choice, while keeping the price down. I bet if you asked any of the supermarkets with a cheese deli type counter could do the same. Got to be worth asking!
  • BridechardBridechard Posts: 258
    We're having a cheesecake from Liverpool Cheese Company

  • I wanted a cheese cake. There are lots of photos of them on the internet. Dont even like cake.

    I'm getting married in July 2011, in a marquee, and worried it might get smelly.

    Therefore going to have a fruit cake (my H2B fave), but as he's a farm contractor, I'm going to surprise him by having it iced green (for fields), with me and Stuart on the top, and a Massey Ferguson tractor.

  • Thanks ladies

    Yes I did worry that it would smell a bit but it should be refrigerated by the hotel until it needs to be displayed. The display is near the main entrance of the hall so it may not be too bad... plus it will be by our chocolate fountain so I'm hoping the smell of chocolate will overpower the cheese. Additionally as they decorate it with fruit I think that can distinguish the smell.

    I'm so excited now, I love cheese and have even arranged for the hotel to provide glasses of port to the guests that want it. image
  • Hop11Hop11 Posts: 1,404
    Just wanted to say, we have been looking into this as an idea, as we too are hvaing a hog roast (if the butcher ever gets back to us) and h2b LOVES cheese, and port - he has rather a large port collection image

    There are a few companies about that do it, otherwise I am going to visit the local cheese stall on the perm market in the city centre and see if I can get a good deal on the rounds of cheese image

    Edit to add, this is the other company we have been looking into using waiting for reply at the moment.

    I was thinking of poss having a cheese cake as well as a sweet alternative, but still with the cheese theme or some cup cakes (but we arent having a choc fountain or anything)
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