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Trying on your wedding dress and not getting 'the feeling' !!!


Well i ordered my wedding dress back in jan 14mnths before my day but they were discountinuing a part of it so had to make the hard decision of either keep looking (already had tried at least 20 on) and risk not finding one i liked as much or order it so, so i ordered the dress although the one i tried on in store wasnt going to be the same colour or the design on it was slightly different. Anyway today i went back to the store because my dress came in so went with my mum to have a sneaky peek and to try it on. I was really scared as im very undecisive and hoped i had made the right decision ( my h2b and my mum offered to find the money to buy another if i didnt, how sweet). Well i did like it and its lovely but i didnt get that 'feeling' well i dont think so has anybody else been like that?

I think its because its quite a simple dress, which is the theme of the wedding, but i keep thinking as i plan to only ever do this the once should i have gone for a more extravagant dress?!!

Sorry this is a long thread just would like someone else to say they know how i feel!! image


  • Nobody has replyed image Does that mean nobody has felt like me, that makes me feel even worse, please someone help! image
  • Oh hunny i wouldnt know but i didnt wanna read and run. I havent tried any on yet. I think its normal to have the wobbles tbh as many brides i know have. Maybe you could add something a little extra? x
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    I've tried on lots - and loved about 5 or 6, but none have felt like the one......I haven't ordred one yet so i am going to look some more - i dont know whether i'll find he one, but am gonna try some more dresses on just in case, and if i don't well theres lots that i really really likeimage
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    aww hun don't be sad image

    I bet it looks lovely and if you still liked it then that's OK. I'm sure not everyone has thunder and lightening moments when they find the right dress. I haven't tried any on yet though so don't know!

    Still though if you don't want it at least you can sell it and your h2b and mum sound lovely about it image
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    Oh did you take a photo? You could post it on here and we could tell you what we think! image
  • Its completely normal, im undecided if i will keep the one i got or sell it on because, i look and i like it but i seem to feel so jealous when i see others in magazines and shop windows.

    The thing is, some people have big budgets, some dont, and some dont like or feel comfortable in anything over the top, so that is all a factor. If i found a dress for say £1300, i could have that feeling but still couldnt have that dress.

    post a pic hun, it might help

    good luck image
  • I cant comment as 'my' dress isnt in the shop yet. However I do love my dress and wouldnt swop it for the world. I didnt have the 'ohmygodthisisthemostamazingdressintheworld' moment but I have to say it did feel different to the rest. I did try on over 50 though image and didnt think I would ever find 'the one'
  • Hi s.rochfordbride,

    I know how you feel....

    I picked my dress up last sat even though we dont get hitched til march!! It came in early, (storing it at my mums). Whilst waiting to try on I spotted another gorgeous dress that Im sure I didnt try on the day I ordered mine...could have been the price that put me off but...I daren't try it as we have paid for mine and do love it. I dont know where id stand if I wanted to take mine back and order another one!! Gonna stick with it. Im going to nip up to try it on at mums soon to put my mind at ease coz it is lovely....wish I wasnt so bloody indecisive! x image
  • hey hon,

    I also am still looking for 'the dress' have also tried on about 30 dresses, maybe more. Found some i liked bits of and didnt like others at all... triedd every dress on you can imagine... no luck!


    Trying again this weekend, otherwise I am going to have my dress made! Its around the same price from a dressmaker i have used before and she has worked for some top designers in dress making... so makes me feel safe.. but also scared! What if I dont like my made dress... scary...

    Just kinda hoping i find something in the next 3 months wen i have plans to visit shops with different friends to get some ideas... either for buying a dress or having it made... so we will see...

    completely get where you are coming from.

    You could personalise it though and make it 'yours' or if you really dont like it then re sell it as new and then buy another one.. but it could be that you are just panicking.. i am sure you look gorgeous in it... seriously who has ever seen a terrible looking bride??? Dont think I ever did...

    Hope you sort it out

    Good luck!

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