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I've just ordered my dress YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

After shopping around for months I ended up getting the dress I tried on the first time I went shopping! I tried it on again today and cried again! I can't wait till March when it comes in and I can try it on again image


  • tls2betls2be Posts: 175
    I just ordered mine exciting isn't it!!!Cant wait for everyone to see it, difficult to tell anyone too as a few of my friends are getting married close to ours too
  • Yay! What is it like then? Can you post a picture? I'm looking forward to my fittings (though I have to wait until May) so I can wear mine again! image
  • AmyLGKAmyLGK Posts: 375
    oooh i'll go and investigate how to post a picture!

    I'm making a point of finding out at least the designer of the dresses my friends are wearing as i'd die if my dress is the same as theirs! xx
  • AmyLGKAmyLGK Posts: 375
  • AmyLGKAmyLGK Posts: 375
  • Ooh thats gorgeous!! Did you get a pic of you wearing it?? Its the best feeling finding the one isnt it?!
  • That is lovely! Is it in that colour as well? xx
  • AmyLGKAmyLGK Posts: 375
    I don't have a picture I'm afraid. Hopefully I can take some when it arrives in the shop.

    I'm having it in ivory. The silky satin is gorgeous!

    It's the best feeling in the world! image oooh what made it even better was I was a size 14 a couple of months ago and have been working hard eating well and exercising to lose weight. The lady in the shop is ordering it in a 10 as apparently i'm not far off size 10 measurements! AMAZING!

    Flyingspaghettimonster - you have the best username ever image

  • AmyLGKAmyLGK Posts: 375
    silly board double posting everything!
  • I got my dress in a sample sale, though mine isn't actually a sample, it was ordered for someone else but in the wrong colour. I got it just after xmas, so I was about a stone heavier than what I am now. I'm still a size 12 though, but I think the dress will probably need taking in now (which I don't mind of course!) I think ivory dresses look stunning (much better than white in my opinion!).

    This is my dress

    It is so exciting! xx
  • AmyLGKAmyLGK Posts: 375
    oh that is stunning! I love the design on the bodice.

    We're having ivory and black as our colour scheme.

  • Thank you image Our colour scheme is ivory, silver and purple (dark, like cadburys). Hopefully we should be getting the BM dresses next month, will be spending a day in the Trafford Centre which will be fun! x
  • AmyLGKAmyLGK Posts: 375
    ooooh what a lovely colour scheme! I also wanted that shade of purple but my H2B wasn't keen - i think cause he's a Newcastle supporter image we live near Manchester image Not near the Trafford centre anymore though - thankfully - trying to do the weekly shop at the asda there on a saturday was always a mission! image
  • AmyLGKAmyLGK Posts: 375
    double post again!
  • Wow I would love to live closer to the Trafford Centre, a friend of mine lives down the road from it. I would have no money though! H2B was happy with whatever colours I wanted, although he wouldn't have liked pink! Ivory and black will look lovely, very classy image
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