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10 months today, I don't think I can actually wait!

Hi girlies, is anyone just so excited about being married and the weeding day that you feel you can't wait and it is taking up most of your thoughts and time, its tiring, but I LOVE IT, especially now I have found my dress and know its 'the one' yipppeeeee


  • Is no one else at their 10 months to go?
  • hello I'm just less then 10 months. I haven't found a dress image I'm going to look on the 4th of September.

  • BennettB2BBennettB2B Posts: 104

    I have the exact same feeling, we get married 30th June next year and it cant come quick enough!!

  • BianxukBianxuk Posts: 494
    I'm getting married 25th June so it's 10 months and 8 days! Yay!

    where is our June 2011 forum?

  • i know Bianx i want our June 2011 forum!!
  • So do I, I feel we are really missing out not having it.

    So how are you girls doing?
  • emmaelcemmaelc Posts: 98
    Me - I'm almost at the 10 month mark too. We get married on 25th June!

    Its all starting to feel very real, I get that excited I actually shed a little tear! We seen the registrar this morning to sort out the legal stuff and she gave us a little book with vows etc in and I havent got to the end of it yet as the tears just flow! God help me on the day!

    I, too think we need our June 2011 forum!!
  • BrideNayBrideNay Posts: 35
    I'm 25th June too so 10 months as 20hours to go! Hehe!! I'm so excited...4 months of my engagement have gone so quickly already so i'm sure the next 10 will too. Once xmas comes around that will be 6months to go which will fly by. Hope all your plans are coming along well ladies image x x
  • emmaelcemmaelc Posts: 98
    Loads of people are getting married on 25th June!! We've been engaged a year an a half already and I can't believe how quick it has gone. June will be here before we know it ladies!
  • BianxukBianxuk Posts: 494
    10th months today until we get married fellow 25th June brides! How exciting! image xxx
  • MrsPGtoBeMrsPGtoBe Posts: 155
    Yey it's my -10months anniversary too!

    And my sisters -1year anniversary today as well, so i'll be a bridesmaid this time next year.

  • Well I think you 25th brides are some of the closest dates to ours, we getting married on a thursday so les common I guess.

    Yesterday, we ordered our wedding rings and got a honeymoon quote, its all just so exciting and is feeling so real.

    W ehave been engaged 3 months tomorrow, although not really officially until 5 th sept (I had a proposal and then another official one 5 days later when the ring arrived)

    I feel like I'm going to be at a bit of a stand still for a while now as I think we've done all we can do for now, how about you girls?

  • Hi ladies

    I am 1st of the 7th 2011... I sing the date to myself in my head... image
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