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Lost my wedding mojo :(

Anyone else feel the same? i know it's slowly getting closer, but i feel like i can't do any more planning and just don't feel excited anymore image

Just wanted a moan to people who might understand, if i tell mum she might panic, don't really have friends to talk to either, my bestie is living in NZ


  • The planning does certainly reach a lull at points so I fell your pain image

    Although saying that I am getting to the point now where I can start to do a bit more again. I left a few things to do til now so I have meetings planned with my florists to get quotes etc and we are moving full steam ahead with the dresses so once the girls dresses are 100% sorted I will start thinking about stationary etc. Because we had everything booked so far in advance I have tried to make sure that I have something to occupy myself with over time image
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