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It's all starting to feel very real now!

Hi Ladies,

I haven't been on here for ages, but the wedding plans have been moving along at speed and it's now all starting to feel VERY real! I am over the moon about that but so nervous it's all going to to horribly wrong on the day.

Our big day is 25th June - so I have a while to go yet but thought if I could get everything sorted and agreed before the VAT increase I would be laughing!

After returning from our holiday 2 weeks ago, I have been in full wedding planning mode and I am sure I have turned into bridezilla!

Last weekend my partern and I decided on our flowers and the florist has the order. For me, I chose purple tulips and cream roses (these were £65) and for my lovely bridesmaids we have gone with cream tulips (there were £35 each) - very reasonable I thought. We have gone very traditional for the button holes and picked roses! I'm have purple and cream gerberas for my fishbowl centre peices which we are making ourselves!

On Saturday we had our consultation to get our wedding rings made! These are going to be designed to what we want and we should have them in 16 weeks.

Then today we put our notice in with the registrar and confirmed all the boring legal stuff!

Next week the other half is being dragged to the bridal shop to pick his and the other boys suits. I wisely decided that we would pick and then tell the others what they are wearing because with my dad and another 3 boys to suit and boot all with different ideas I am not having arguements! They really are worse than girls and my bridesmaids were very easy to get dresses for!! image

How are all your wedding plans coming along?

Emma xx


  • MezCMezC Posts: 563
    All sounds fab and very organised! Have you chosen your dress yet?

    The minute it started to feal real for me is when I tried on a dress on the weekend which feels like 'the one'! Also made a mood board last week and seeing all the little ideas together, looking great, made me feel happy! I have my wedding ring, photographer, venue all booked and sorted, florist booked for our date and save the dates sent.

    Are you going along with your H2B to help pick suits?
  • emmaelcemmaelc Posts: 98
    Oh the dress! It's been stored safely in the bridal shop and has been since September 2009. I shed a tear every time I try it on, it's amazing!

    You sound very organised too! I really thought it was just me as everyome keeps saying you've done all that already you have ages to go!

    I've also got my bridesmaids dresses on order, picked a cake, invites are sorted, favours done, photographer is done. It really is just the last bits and peices that we need to arrange.

    Yes - I'm going with H2B to help pick the suits, we are on the same wave length so it should be easy!
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