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Thank You Presents

Hi All,

With just under 8 months to go I am desperately trying to think of presents to buy my mum, dad, ushers etc as I know it is going to take a lot of thinking to decide on the perfect gift. The main person I am struggling with is my dad as he is a nightmare to buy for at the best of times. What is everyone getting their mums/dads/bridesmaids/witnesses/ushers and readers?

Christine x


  • vicvac17vicvac17 Posts: 107
    We are getting our best man an engraved lighter and bridesmaids necklaces. not sure about his two groomsmen or the parents yet.
  • dagriff75dagriff75 Posts: 221
    No Idea, i'm stuck for all of them, want to get something nice for everyone, but also can't spend a fortune!
  • Getting both the parents a rose tree/ bush to plant in the garden to remind them of our day.
  • Fourfoot11Fourfoot11 Posts: 262
    Nice lotions & potions for the ladies, bottles for the boys,and am having my roses set into paperweights for my flowergirls
  • For the 2 sets of parents we have got 'My Beautiful Parents' journals from Oh So Cherished.

    For the Matron of Honour we got a 'My Beautiful Bridesmaid' journal, also from Oh So Cherished.

    My other BM will have a jewellery tree, as I didn't have enough to write for her in a journal- she's like a younger cousin and not a girlfriend or sister, so a totally different relationship.

    The Best Man will have a posh pen we think- he has a fancy office job and is very well groomed so we think he'd like it.

    I have no ushers and only one reader who isn't BM. I hadn't planned getting her a gift but she will have flowers from one of the displays the next day. I can't give her a gift because if I do it means only my brother won't have one and the list goes on. xx

  • I am the same, sorted for the ladies, going to get them both a Thomas Sabo charm, and then for the mothers a willow tree figure, but not a clue for the guys! Was thinking of a nice wallet, but our best man has everything designer, so he probably wouldn't appreciate that so really stuck!! K x
  • Thanks girls for your suggestions. The books from 'oh so cherished' are fab. I have ordered 3, 1 for each of our parents and my sister who is my bridesmaid. If anyone is thinking of ordering 1 I found a voucher code for 5% off, just put in MY GROOM (try one word). It might not work now but it did when I ordered them on Wednesday. x
  • My mum I am buying my beautiful mother journal from oh so cherished and a necklace, my 2 bridesmaids I am buying heart lockets which will be engraved, the ushers will get engraved glasses and the best man will be getting an engraved pocket watch, my brother who is giving me a way will be getting some cufflinks also engraved xx
  • mrsgLmrsgL Posts: 682
    we have bought our ushers, usher tankards, the best man is having a liverpool tankard, fathers are having matching tankards, bridesmaids are having an necklace with their intial on in a personalised trinket box and ive bought my maid of honour a diamond necklace.

    pretty safe options, i know alot of people dont like the tankards, but i like the sentimental gifts image xx
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