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For all you May 2011 Brides.!!

Hi May brides,

Just wanted to make any of you aware who dont already know, there is actually a "im getting married in May 2011 board"

The countdown is now getting smaller, and sometimes its nice to have a board dedicated just to your actual month you are getting married.

You cant get to it on the drop down jump bar at the top...go back to forum home, then look down the list till you find the big day buddies section and it'll be there right at the bottom.

Or... here is the link

The site is obv taking a while to get the other months up yet, i hope for the rest of you 2011 brides it does asap!

I just felt it was still a tad quiet over there being that its only 8 months away now, so wanted to shout it out!

See you over there! image xx
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