How would you feel if you shared your wedding date with Prince William and Kate?

Hey brides to be!

When I heard about Prince W and Kate getting hitched next spring my initial reaction was, 'I hope it's not the same day as me!' as I hate the idea of anything taking the limelight off our big day. (Bridezilla in the making! image )

I am happy for the couple but I wouldn't want to share my special date with such a massively high-profile couple.

How would you feel if they chose your date?

I guess the upsde would be that you could say 'Prince W and I got married on Saturday' image


  • Not that bothered don't think any of our guest lists/suppliers will clash!
  • Doddy121Doddy121 Posts: 406
    I'll be really annoyed if it clashes with mine! How can we compete with that!

    How dare they!!! image
  • SHenry29SHenry29 Posts: 210
    It would be a bit strange but then oddly H2B and I got together at the same time as them, broke up just before they did and then got back together at the same time, so maybe it would be fitting to get married on the same day!!
  • DH2DKDH2DK Posts: 410
    That was my first thought as well - I'd be gutted if it was the same day as us!
  • San1969San1969 Posts: 577
    The benefit would be whoever got married on the same day as them would be invited to Buckingham Palace on their Golden Wedding Anniversary like the Queen and Philip did image image image
  • I'm 6th of August and at the moment the bookies favourite is the 13th August. My Venue is also near Windsor so if they got married there it would be a nightmare what with roads being closed. So on one hand i don't want it to be the same day as i'd like to watch it on the tv, but it would be pretty amazing to say you got married the same day as them!
  • I'll go one stop further - I don't want them to get married when I'm on my honeymoon either!

    reason: I want to watch their wedding!!!!
  • ls2blbls2blb Posts: 1,280
    I'm with Elsa- I want to watch the wedding. I hope its a few weeks before mine so that I can get really really excited watching it! xxxx
  • 29th April it is then! Anyone on here with that date?

    Or the 30th? Will it get you more excited?
  • That was the first thing I thought too. (Mine's 9th April)

    Just found out it's 29th April and first thought was Phew!

    To be honest I'd feel totlly gutted, like they were stealing my thinder.

    On th other hand, whoever is getting married Fri 29th, at least it's been made a public holiday so all your guests will have the day off work image
  • Can't believe it is the day before mine-works out really well as I had planned to take the Friday off so I get a day of my holiday back yippee image
  • I'm getting married the following day, as the 29th April is now a bank holiday it means one less day from my annual entitlement so I'm happy. Unless of course I get an invite!
  • I've just seen this thread...

    my sister works as an assistant registrar, once the royal wedding date had been announced bookings began flooding in! Loads of people wanted to get married the same day (why?). She has now had to start turning couples down even at this late stage, which makes me think that some couples have only decided to get married coz of Wills and Kate. image
  • My parents got married on 29th April 1978! They are still very happily married so I think it's a great day to get married!
  • We are getting married on the 30th - and its worked out really well. Lots of our guests are now travelling in the morning rather than after work to get to us so I'll be able to see more of them Yay!
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