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Anyone else stressing?

Wedding is this Friday! I am so stressed! Nothing major, just general stress. About wedding hair wobbles, placecards not being done, signage not done, not enough extra tables, lack of communication/invoices from hire people, risk of rain and wind and even parents buying the wrong cheese for my cheese wedding cake! I just can't seem to relax about everything and keep focusing on little niggly things! Not sleeping well at all which really isn't helping. I wish I was just excited! x


  • Doddy121Doddy121 Posts: 406
    Ahhh I am getting married this friday too. You sound like me a bit of a perfectionist but that is only because it is so important I felt like that 3 weeks ago when our disco cancelled on us i thought it was the end of the world. Since then things have got easier we have had a couple of guests drop out at the last min and the florist phone to say the flowers i wanted she can't get but we aren't stressing because we have accepted that things like this are bound to happen.

    At the end of the day I will have the day I have always dreamed and so will you and if things didn't go to plan it would be a miracle. Just remember what really are the most important things to you. The little things don't matter in the grand scheme of things.

    Good luck and have an amazing day it's so exciting.xx
  • jolajojolajo Posts: 177
    Thanks Doddy image

    Yep, perfectionist is the word! Our dj cancelled on us too a few weeks ago- so annoying isn't it? Did you get it sorted? True about the little things not mattering. I think sometimes I get swept away by weddings in glossy magazines and think everything has to be just so. I'm sure after the wedding I'll laugh at how ridiculous I'm being! x
  • Doddy121Doddy121 Posts: 406
    Yes I think everything gets blown out of proportion and you start to feel like you are not being yourself but can't help it. We got a new DJ Yes. I have been having wedding nightmares every night! Crazy. Last night it was about being late and having no hairdresser etc! It's so stressful having to juggle everything and making sure everyone knows what they are doing when. I have always said i didn't want to be a bridezilla about it but you can't help it and I am only being so organised so hopefully I can relax about everything on the day.
  • We get married August 6th it has been a whirlwind experience. We got engaged this easter so we have had a 4 month engagement. I have done 95% of everything myself, I have been having the nightmares that my 3 flowergirls make a mistake, I have 3 adult maids, one of which dropped out after I ordered her Alfred Angelo made to measure gown!! luckily another friend is her size so the dress and whole outfit won't go to waste! I am a student nurse and I have lectures up until 2 days before our wedding. My Hairdresser has left and I only just found out so I have someone else doing my hair on my wedding day! STRESS is not the word, and I was starting to get a little down image BUT I had a long chat with my fiance about non wedding things and that did the trick, we were spending so much time on everything wedding we began to loose sight of our priorities each other... now I'm trying to chill a little and I have my hen night/ bridal shower this weekend, just hoping it all goes well. I think we are entitled to have a freak out session before the big day! I am sure it will all go well and you guys will have the most exciting day ever!! Good luck to you all this week xximage
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    Aw bless! Stress heads! Doddy, this is spooky, I had a dream about being late and my hair going wrong too, and another in which I walked the wrong way down the aisle and met another bride walking up it and I also happened to be wearing an orange and purple tiara because the venue somehow lost mine! Bizarre! As for being a bridezilla, I said I wouldn't be too but I can just tell how annoying I'm being! x
  • Doddy121Doddy121 Posts: 406
    Ha ha! Walking wrong way up the aisle that is a good one! x
  • I'm getting married on Saturday and feeling exactly the same!! Feel stressed out about little things, even though I know that everything is almost done and there is no need to stress out at all!

    I'm so pleased that it's not just me!! Ah well, the pre-wedding nerves/stress is nearly over for us all!!
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    I am stressing, I have had a sudden realisation that I said I would do my vows in English followed by Dutch and I don't know if I am quite up to scratch. Most of the wedding party speak perfect English, but my h2b's Grandparents don't speak any English and they are travelling from the Netherlands, so I really want to make the effort for them.

    I am having a bit of a giggle now because I have realised that my h2b still has trouble with the Scottish accent and our minister is Scottish. I hope he follows what is going on. image
  • Yes, I/we get married in 3 weeks and I still have to do the following:

    make the order of service, have been unable to do this up untill now as we had to meet with the vicar to make sure that all of the wording was correct

    Finish of buying the presents for the wedding party, (just have the parents on both side) and get them all wrapped up

    make hearts out of hamma beads to hang from the celing where we are having the reception

    find some heart prints to put in to frames to hang onto the walls at the venue

    decorate the wicker hearts that his mum is buying for us, but never know she might do that for me as she has a idea of what I want

    Make the favour bags up, having jelly beans and love hearts in them

    get finger nails done and feet done at one of them fish places like appy feet(and yes, that is how it is spelt) if you have heard of them hair cut and layered so that it is ready for the day.

    Oh MY God!! didnt realise how much still how to do! It really does make it harder when you live about 150 miles away from where you are getting married as cant delegate as much as I would like
  • Stressed isn't the word!! I get married in Nov I have been very orginased but seem to be plauged with disaster. My car company went into liquidation after we had paid them, the lady doing my make up didn't turn up to do my tiral (I live 200 miles from where I'm getting married and am only home once more before the wedding). And I turned up for my weddding dress fitting on Friday to find the shop no longer there (dress paid in full!!) tracked the maker down and had to travel 50 mins for the fitting. Got there and it was the wrong colour, wrong style and didn't fit - Now needs to be remade from the beginning and I have to hope that he doesn't go out of business and can make the dress on time!!! I'm not sure my stress levels can take much more!!
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