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YAY! finally we have a forum!

Just so glad that all of us planning a wedding in 2013 finally have a forum image it was getting kind of depressing feeling like im the only one planning a wedding that far in advance haha!



  • Megan598Megan598 Posts: 126
    Don't worry you're not the only one planning that far in advance! I'm so excited and it's only the start of 2011! I dread to think what I'll be like nearer the time!!! image
  • Woop woop! I have been lurking about since getting engaged in September glad there are more 2013 brides.. image
  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192
    Im also a 2013 bride 2 b... Its so exciting planning it all. What has everyone got sorted/ planned so far?

    ... so far i have got venue- having ceremony and reception in same place, registrar is booked. Photographer is booked with deposit paid. Magician is booked. We have ordered lots of samples for our stationary so we can have a go! Eek.. hope it goes ok. We have an idea for our band and chair covers too. Just got to book them... still have lots more to plan, but taking time and enjoying it all image

    Has any one got pics of their planning??

  • We are getting married in May 2013, we have our venue booked, it is the same venue for day and evening, Meldrum House Hotel in Aberdeenshire.

    We have our photographer and band booked and booking our videographer this month. I have some wedding stationary samples on their way and we are going for a Cadbury Purple Theme.

    I'm not sure how to upload a pic? Also how did you add your wedding countdown?

    Happy Planning Ladies xx
  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192
    we are also going for a purple theme image

    I added the counter by going on the website then choosing the countdown i wanted, filling in the date of the wedding then copying the link into the signature box on the profile page on here.

    Im hoping to get my videographer booked soon, but he doesnt have the 2013 prices up yet and i think he is changing some of his equipment he uses. he's jeff wood visuals..

    What do you think?

    Are you doing your invites yourself or getting them done for you?

    Im wanting to try to do them myself but not sure if im creative enough... just dont fancy paying 1400!!! Which is what we got quoted from one place!.. they were nice invites though.

    Also to upload pics you have to open an account at photobucket. Upload pics you want to put on here onto photobucket, then click on the image code and just paste it into your message... i think thats rite. There is posts on the main page on how to do it too.

  • Hey Kathryn,

    I am loving Jeff Visuals, very good choice. We are booking with and I have samples being sent out from Elle is For Love, she has a facebook page, lovely lovely stuff, I am no artist so won't manage the invites myself!

    Have you been browsing purple items? Ebay is great as is confetti website, it's all so exciting! xx
  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192
    Hoping to go with Jeff Wood, we really like his work..

    Im still waiting for my samples from the stationary company to come through the post. Im guessing it easier than i think as the pieces are all cut to size, and we will be getting the company we get the materials through to do all our printing, so i think it will be just the putting together we have to do and attaching ribbon ect... i hope other wise i have no chance lol.

    Yeah ive been looking at purple bits and pieces, cant really go buying much yet, as the decorating of the venue isnt finished yet, but i do know the function room we are having is getting decorated similar to the rest of the biulding which is dark wood/ greys/pinky purples/purples... so purple should be my theme..

    Havnt looked on confetti yet, ill have a look now.

    Its so exciting planning everything.

    Kathryn x
  • I am 2013 February!!!

    Can't wait to book our venue.. I have my heart set on venue below

    Going to view it next Saturday with my Mum, and got 2 more to view after that, then I've got to present my favourite two to H2B!! hehe
  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192
    Clare Jeffery .. That venue is stunning. I bet you cant wait to go and see it image

    Kathryn x
  • I just go all gooey inside when I see a picture of it. Have been there a few times.. and just love it!

    But when I go next week, I'll be able to actually speak to the wedding co-ordinators etc Getting a better idea.

    I have a rough idea of cost!! image already.. so hoping H2B loves it too.. he said to me when we deiceded I would look first then show him ones I like "no peach wall paper of 70's carpets" haha! He's more of a bridezilla than me!
  • I am also a 2013 bride. I got engaged 18 months ago on our 10th year anniversary. We decided to wait to get married and have recently started saving. Been waiting for this forum for ages. Anyone getting married in Cyprus? I have booked my venue in Protoras in May 2013. Can't wait, i love looking at ideas image
  • PeasnCarrotsPeasnCarrots Posts: 1,831
    Ohh I didnt know we had a forum!

    We've been round 3 venues today. The last one has guarenteed their prices and was really nice inside. Waiting for a quote from them so fingers crossed it'll come within budget. We're looking at June 2013

    My H2B is a groomzilla too clare, he's more picky than me about the venues. Yours looks gorgeous

  • It's so funny.. I'm going to view venue I posted a picture of on Saturday with my mum, so excited!!! I love it. We hoping to wed Feb 2013!! So glad there are loads of other brides marrying in 2013..

    Have you tried on any dresses yet??
  • At last! Have been waiting for this forum for what seems like ages. I get married 17th May 2013 and it's getting ever closer since we got engaged over a year ago. WE are getting married in Cyprus and taking family and friends over with us. Going to be doing the save the dates in the next few months image

    Here's to some exciting times for us all xxx
  • Oh wow Cyprus, how many of you are going??
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