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i really wanna get married asap but the problem is we are just started saving and we have 3 kids so trying to save is really hard,but i worked out i can possibly save around £5000 in the next 2 years,so when do i go to registry office to book an ppointment as im willing to get married there to keep the cost down


  • mrsrhmrsrh Posts: 433
    Every area is different so it's probably worth ringing your local registry office (or the one you want to get married at) and ask them what their policy is. Venues may be booking for 2013 already, it'd start looking online for details & email a few, find out if they are taking bookings yet and availability. But be prepared for a deposit for venue & registry office may ask for a payment to hold date for you, if they will allow you to book your date yet (some won't).
  • I'm the same i want to get married abroad but think its a bit too soon to book and most tour operators don't really do that far in advance but i wanted to try and give people enough time to save!
  • I am getting married abroad and have booked mine, however waiting for the time to be confirmed which should be in the next couple of weeks. I have gone through an individual wedding planner as heard lots of distaster stories about tour operators, so i'd avoid that.

    yeah defo get ringing around you never know you might find that you can provisionally book it now xx
  • linzmumlinzmum Posts: 6
    I have found a lot of places are now starting to take bookings for 2013 and better still I am getting quotes for 2011 prices so it should be slightly cheaper, fingers crossed.
  • Bethaniee1Bethaniee1 Posts: 73
    We are getting married in May 2013 and our budget is around £5000. Although we are having our ceremony at the same venue as our reception and evening do, I recently contacted my local registry office asking when I should book them.

    Most registry offices will let you provisionally book now, however you will need to pay a deposit. This will then secure the date that you want. After making this provisional booking, you need to give notice of your marriage. However, you cannot give notice until your wedding is 1 year away.

    Best thing for you to do would be to contact your local registry office and find out from them image
  • Katy27Katy27 Posts: 17

    We want to get married in November 2013 and we still havent give notice yet in each of our district. The problem is we both live in different places. What I would like to know is will register office allow if only one of us attend for giving notice in each of the district. 

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