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Newbie here

Hi Ladies this is my very first post although I have been a lurker for a long time!!!(helping my Brother and future SIL to be with their wedding this August).Im getting married on 26/01/2013 at Orchardleigh House in Frome and Im so excited image


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    hi i havent posted on this one either, my partner and I just viewed our venue and have bookedimage 2 years today ah hehe x
  • Congrats and Hello.. when and how did he propose? image

    We're hoping to marrry Sat 16th Feb 2013!! Just sorting venues at the moment, I already know where I want, just got to take Simon my H2B there hopefully this weekend Yay!!
  • Hi Ladies,

    I'm a newbie as well, although I too have been a lurker! Were getting married 22nd August 2013 at the Kip Marina (Inverkip,Scotland). Made an appointment to go down and pay the deposit on Sunday.

    I'm very very excited..!
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    Hi Clare. We've been engaged for a long long time almost 10 years to be exact and I can still remember His proposal like it was yesterday. We went to Ibiza for a clubbing holiday with my two brothers we went to Cafe del mar and sat down on the rocks to watch the sunset he sent my brothers to get a drink and as the sun was setting he asked me and I blubbed like a baby lol! We've had a very good life together so far luxury holidays new cars etc that's why it's taken so long also my illness hasn't helped but now I'm going to have the day I've been dreaming of!!!image
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    Hi ladies I forgot to say ive been busy the last couple of days with planning and so far have booked the following -





    Casino tables

    I've bought all my stationary as I'm making my own invites etc and I've started buying the sweetie buffet jars.
  • Is anyone going to get married abroad?
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