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should have been this year!

in 2009 i planned to get married in june 2011 but i ended up getting pregnant and my son was born june 2010. and with somuch weight to lose i wanted to give myself a good time to do it. well planned to get married next year. but im pregnant AGAIN! lol im due in september so 2013 it is. thinking of having it the 4th may!


  • Oh no.. well congrats on new baby!! but oh no for having to put wedding back another year.

    It'll be worth it in the end, and you'll have both your babies with on on the day!! image
  • kjwoodkjwood Posts: 49
    aw big congratulations on having another baby!

    We wanted to get married sooner but my daughter was born in 2009 and so we wanted to wait a few years until she was old enough to properly enjoy the day so she'll be 4 when we get married. We've gone for 25th May image
  • Were kind of the same, we got engaged in January and our little girl was 2 in March, we have a son that will be 7 when we get married...we also wanted them to be bigger so that they could enjoy the day more.
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