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On a tight budget and trying to find a lovely Surrey venue - suggestions?

We will be getting married in 2013 (no date set yet, but probably summer) and have started looking for venues recently, and we are shocked by the prices we have come across so far! We are on quite a tight budget and not willing to go into debt for just one day of our life (even if it is supposed to be the best one).

Can anyone recommend a nice venue in Surrey which doesn't break the bank? The most important bit is that the venue is nice and offers a lovely background for our wedding pictures. We want a more informal style which doesn't require a stately home (pub/function room/barn/village hall would be fine as long as it has nice surroundings for the pictures), and there should be the possibility to hold the civil ceremoney either at the venue or at least not too far away.

We live in Woking but both hate it so would prefer to have the wedding in a nicer part of Surrey.

Any suggestions or help would be really appreciated!

Lilly x


  • julybride13julybride13 Posts: 438
    It depends what your budget is but we are getting married at the Frensham Pond Hotel, Farnham. Beautiful location and was within our budget as they do special offers for weddings on certain dates.

  • lilly3012lilly3012 Posts: 11
    Looks lovely, I will check their website right now! Thanks xx
  • Nikij13Nikij13 Posts: 25

    I got married last friday and we used the Warren lodge hotel in Shepperton,Located right by the thames.

    They were amazing food was fantastic and went out of they way all day nothing was too much.

    We actually got married at Weybridge Registry office 10 mins away a beautiful georgian house and gardens but the Anchor hotel just across the square can hold the civil service and walk over for the reception.
  • soontobeamrssoontobeamrs Posts: 293 New bride
    I'm getting married at Pennyhill Park in Bagshot which is on the expensive side but I just wanted to say, I agree with Nikij13 about Weybridge register office. I went the other day to drop off our authorities and it's a beautiful building!
  • SaviltmSaviltm Posts: 1
    Hi there,

    I am getting Married in September at Woldingham Golf Club in Surrey. It's absolutely beautiful and really reasonably priced.

    Also the wedding coordinator and team there are amazing and have been so helpful every step

    of the way.

    If you're looking for a beautiful venue that doesn't break the bank I would definitely take a look.

    Good luck!
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