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It's our year!!!!

Woohoo! We can say we are getting married this year!!!!!!!!!! I'm even more excited now image happy new year! image xxx


  • Happy New Year! I have woken up full of wedding excitement. Wonder if anywhere is open so I can buy stamps to post the day invites I couldn't give out over christmas??! Xx
  • PP2013PP2013 Posts: 54

    Wahooo!!!! how exciting image xxx

  • Suddenly I feel like I have a lot of planning to do!
  • BuddletBuddlet Posts: 1,289
    Yay!! Happy new year image !!! X
  • Happy New Year all. It really is our year to get married! Got a teensy bit emotional at midnight thinking about it all and we were with friends who are having a baby a month before our wedding so equally eager for 2013 to begin!! It made it an even more special night image

    H2B goes back to work tomorrow and I feel exactly the same as you LLN. I can see some of the wedding stuff coming out so I can continue with the planning!

    His Mum and Dad are coming tomorrow too so I can take them to the suit hire shop for his Dad to get measured before he flies back out to Singapore where he works

    Soooooo excited now we're past the 6mth point image
  • nestypienestypie Posts: 651

    haha the first thing i did this morning was look through some wedding bits and ive done a bit of painting on our mr & mrs sign for top table.

    I cant believe i can finally say its this year, and my hen do is next month!!

    gotta get super organised now and finish everything, hows all the planning going? x

  • SP2013SP2013 Posts: 857

    Yipee! It's 2013! We get married this year! image

  • Woohoo - we're getting married this year!  It feels so much closer now, we have exactly 5 months to go today so better try and get some of my list organised ASAP!

    Happy New Year everyone image

  • Yaaay! Very excited. But the to do list looks much longer today than it did yesterday haha!
  • Mrs to beMrs to be Posts: 136

    Omg it no feels so real itsour year,si so much too sort. First thing I said at midnight was I get married this year

  • Happy new year everyone image

    Yay it's this year image 7 months to go yesterday, can't believe how much stuff we have left to do kind of glad we have decided on a smaller wedding and no evening reception saves on loads of planning!! Xxx
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    Happy new year everyone! We get married this year, it's so exciting, but after being engaged for 2 years and feelin like we were pretty sorted, I suddenly feel like there's so much to do image


  • wohoo happy new year girls... the first thing i said to H2B as the clocks struck 12 was 'we are getting married this year!!' so exciting but now starting to think we really need organised as its very real now!!

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    Happy New Year ladies! Really hope you all enjoy your planning, and not long to go now image

    I spent yesterday hand-delivering all of my invites image Really looking forward to getting some replies!!! 

  • Happy New Year everyone!!

    Getting married exactly 7 months tomorrow image

  • Lady2188Lady2188 Posts: 112

    4 days for me!!! Arghh!!!!!! I'm getting married on Saturday!!


  • Lady2188 wrote (see)

    4 days for me!!! Arghh!!!!!! I'm getting married on Saturday!!


    Not long.. excited.. you all ready now??


    we have 39 days.. getting there slowly.

  • Louise MLouise M Posts: 141

    I'm getting married on October 12th, anyone else on the same day?

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