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April 30th?

Hi all,

Just wondering if I have any date buddies, we are geting maried next year on 30th April in Mid Wales.



  • Me me me!!! Ah how exciting... were getting married in somerset.. How are you plans coming along... 9 months to go!!! xx
  • sarahbabeoussarahbabeous Posts: 609
    ME ME ME!!i am!

    Im so excited-cant believe how time had flown by!

    Im getting married in Corwen-so guess thats mid/northish wales??

    Where abouts are you getting married?

  • Yep and me - Guernsey! x
  • LeanniesLeannies Posts: 31
    Yey me too!! Getting married in Nottingham. Sooo much still to do!
  • willsgirlwillsgirl Posts: 960
    I'm April 29th, can I join in?!? Getting married in Skipton, Yorkshire! Can't wait!! xxx
  • lala661lala661 Posts: 44
    I'm South Wales and April 30th! How's everyone getting on with booking things?
  • Me too. Getting married at Wortley Hall in Sheffield.

    I have most things done like got my dress, booked the venue, got the shoes, got the garter, booked florist, booked registrar, booked the band booked hair and makeup artist etc. Its the nitty gritty stuff now like picking music for the ceremony and also me thinking what the hell have I forgot? There must be something I have forgot. X
  • Same here..everything booked. We have started to look into vowd anf atr going to start making our invites soon. My partner has made a list of things sd have to do every month!
  • DH2DKDH2DK Posts: 410
    Me too! Live in Manchester but getting married up in Scotland so organising everything remotely, which isn't easy but exciting!
  • Meeeeeee!!!! Not long to go now ladies x
  • So what have you all done ladies?

    We sent out our Save the dates last week so it really now feels like we are uping the pace towards the Wedding, a number of our guests have booked their accommodation so I am really getting excited....
  • Me to we are getting married in Warwick.

    Sorted lots but still loads to sort didn't realise how much there was, or how expensive it gets before we started.

    I'm actually struggling with a cake at the moment. We wanted to go for a small cake and then lots of cupcakes but the prices vary massively. We've been quoted anything from 70p - £2.50 per cake. Any body know how much a cake is?!?
  • LaLa661 Where in S.Wales are you getting married?

    Bush2be - Someone recently mentioned to me that M&S have started doing cup cakes in their wedding range, I would recommend taking a lok there, I think that Waitrose also may do them!

    Went for a meeting at the venue on Sunday which was really helpful and our wedding co-ordinator gave us some great tips on various things, we finialised the rooming list (our guests have taken all the rooms the night before and the night of the wedding) aalong with some other bits and pieces image

    V xoxo
  • fairyrockfairyrock Posts: 141
    MEEEEEEE! image

    Were getting married in Essex!

    Have sorted everything except for flowers and my daughters shoes hehe.

    Im so excited!
  • lala661lala661 Posts: 44
    Victoria- we're getting married in Coity church, then coed y mwstwr in Bridgend. Where are you from?

    Found my bridesmaids outfits this week, and booked the DJ and had a chat about flowers, so i'm feeling like i'm getting somewhere.....althugh got a feeling making invites isn't going to go so quick!!
  • I'm getting married in Somerset too on this date, but I've got hardly anything sorted! Reading all of these has made me panic - help!
  • me, me, me!!!!

    live in liverpool but getting married in bournemouth.

    cant wait. not sure what to sort out next??
  • MissmcMissmc Posts: 179
    Meee tooo,

    Live in London....getting married in birthday is the next day and its a bank holiday weekend girls...even better image
  • Mee too!

    Live in Liverpool and getting married in Knowsley and having our reception in SOuthport image

    Everything all booked - just the saving up to do image

  • Me tooooooo! image

    Cubley Hall in Penistone, West Yorkshire!! x

  • So ladies how do you all feel about having your Weddings the day after the Royal Wedding? Personally I am so happy to have the Friday as a bank holiday, it allows me an extra day without using anymore holidays and also helps all my guests in travelling to Wales with out needing the day off work image

    V xoxo
  • Is everyone up 2 date with everything??

    I have now sent out all my invites!!!
  • me too! Invites sent this week! Have just completed a template for the seating chart-so all i need to do it write the names on!
  • jemkb62jemkb62 Posts: 32
    Me too!

    Penistone, Sheffield

    All big things booked all fiddly stuff left to do

    Invitations have gone out now! image
  • jemkb62jemkb62 Posts: 32
    Not long to go now!!!!! image

    Is everyone feeling organised?
  • Hi! I'm on the 30th in Gloucestershire.

    Suddenyly the pressure seems to be on!

    Invites getting sorted for the end of next week, I'm sending out 7" vinyl singles with the labels replaced with invite details. image

    Should get a few "interesting" reactions! But hey it's my wedding! image
  • MissmcMissmc Posts: 179
    Hey girls my wedding invites r out now too got some rsvps so exciting gettin the post every morning image

    2ndtimeluckylucy-your wedding invites sound so cool great idea!!

    Im feeling like everything is up in the air i just hope it all comes together over the next weeks...hope peeps get the rsvps back quick cause that will hold alot up!Need to start paying things off now too image
  • Hey everyone..

    Im getting married on the 30th image very excited...

    We only booked it in December so ive still got lots to do!! image

    Think im getting there now though image
  • This week I was supposed to be starting to make my wedding cake!

    But I'm still finishing my invitations! Reckon they'll be in the post in the morning... been a hard few days though!

    Everyone is getting really excited but part of me is dreading it! There's something to be said for paying a wedding planner with the stress it seems to cause! But hey ho whatever happens we'll end up married! And only I'll know if my tiny details are missed off!

    How's everyone else doing? Welcome Jordann!
  • Hi Everyone

    I am getting married in Salisbury on the same day (30th April)

    I have my dress fitting next week (19th feb) very excited image

    then suit fittings the week after for the men and boys. Striaght after that we need to see the florist. It went quiet a few months ago buy now it's picking up again and it's starting to get busy again. I have this feeling that i have forgotten something so busy checking every thing that i have done to make sure i haven't.

    Nicky ximage
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