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Saturday 9th April and lloking for a Big Day Buddy

9th of April anyone?


  • OzziesWifeOzziesWife Posts: 129
    Saturday 9th April anyone?
  • Hi I'm getting married 9th April so excited! image What are you doing for your wedding? Kate xxxxx
  • EleEle Posts: 592
    I'm a 9th April 2011 bride too! Where are you getting married? What have you done so far?

  • Hi ele09 ive brought my dress booked the registry office, reception, caterer and photographer going shopping for bridesmaids dresses soon my weddings going to be a vintage spring party theme. Im in the west midlands. Hows yours going? xx
  • Hi im getting Married on the 9th April in Cyprus. Where you getting married? Are you Organised? tricia xx imageimage
  • woohoo! im getting married on the 9th april aswell! i cant wait! im quite organised got most stuff done now just need to wait unitl coser to the time to organise little bits! where is eveyone else getting married? ours is at judges hotel in yarm, near middlesbrough. its just so exciting, and now its 242 days till our big days!!!! x
  • EleEle Posts: 592
    Hi all,

    We're getting married in Retford, Notts.

    I'm quite organised too. I ordered my dress in March, bridesmaids dresses were ordered two weeks ago. I have all my accessories, shoes and underwear, just got to get bridesmaids shoes etc. Flowers organised (just got to buy vases). Cake booked (just got to take picture of dress detail to cake lady). Chair covers sorted, photographer booked. Registrar was booked in Feb and we've given notice. Venue all sorted in Feb. We know what is going on tables, just have to order a few things. String quartet booked. Make up artist booked, have to find a new hairdresser though! Mine told me she is probably moving to spain at the start of 2011, she's been doing my hair for 5 years and was all booked. image Save the dates sent out in May, invitations chosen, just got to order - doing that in September. Honeymoon booked as of yesterday! image Where possible we have used friends to help us make the day special. The only exception is the cake.

    Our venue is quite olde worldy so we're having a classic/vintage theme. Pearls and lace and very simple. Our flowers are all white spring flowers with greenery. We are having a few crystals on the tables, flowers and homemade fudge (made by myself and one of my friends) in old fashioned glass sweet jars with an eat me label on). The chair covers are white with white wraps and little pearl clips holding them in place.

    So excited.image

    Ele xx
  • 9th april too image
  • becutiebecutie Posts: 30
    wooo - lots of 9th April brides, add me to the list!


    Venue, Registrar, Given notice, Flowers, Photographer, Shoes, chosen favours, bridesmaid dresses, my dress, collected 80 vintage teacups + saucers, wedding cupcakes, save the dates sent, invitations made, DJ booked, classical msic for ceremony booked, my wedding ring. Think that's everything.

    Still feel like i have lots to do, but eager to get more done as soon as possible.
  • SpecialSundaeSpecialSundae Posts: 3,029
    I'm not a 9th April bride, but my cousin is and I'm doing her cake and a photobooth at her reception. It's my first wedding cake so I'm terrified that it won't be perfect.
  • OzziesWifeOzziesWife Posts: 129
    So far I have got:

    My dress, shoes, tiara & jewellery

    Bridesmaid dresses, shoes & jewellery

    Booked venue and registrar

    Booked photographer

    Bought stationary ready to make

    Booked the band

    We were originally gwtting married in Cyprus and had pretty much everything booked and sorted. Had to cancel due to cancer within the family, now starting planning again from scratch image
  • MrsJonesMrsJones Posts: 305
    I'm the 9th April too! Getting married at Chevin Country Hotel in Leeds.
  • EleEle Posts: 592
    What time are you all getting married? Is your wedding in a church or are you having a civil ceremony?

    We're having a civil ceremony in a lovely little hotel not far from where we live at 430pm.

  • OzziesWifeOzziesWife Posts: 129
    4:00pm for me.

    By the time the wedding breakfast has finished it will be about 8:30pm so no need to pay thousands on an evening buffet, just putting out a few sandwich platters, cheese plates and my wedding cake.
  • MrsJonesMrsJones Posts: 305
    1pm, evening buffet is bacon sarnis and chips to soak up the wine! image
  • EleEle Posts: 592
    4:00pm for me.

    By the time the wedding breakfast has finished it will be about 8:30pm so no need to pay thousands on an evening buffet, just putting our s few sandwich platters, cheese plates and my wedding cake.

    That's why we went for 430 too! I have a very large family, so we have around 100-120 for ceremony, we are having speeches straight after the ceremony with champagne and then canapes whilst we have photos. Our evening guests are arriving for 7pm (taking numbers to 160ish and we are all then eating a hot buffet (2 courses). We are then putting cheese boards on later in the evening (my mum and father in law love cheese so this was their idea - my mum is paying for it).

  • MissFMMissFM Posts: 58
    We're April 9th too!

    Getting married in a church in Middlesbrough at 1pm.

    So far got church, photographer, venue, band, dress, shoes and bridesmaid dresses sorted. My ring is being made and we're picking menus within the next few weeks so will be able to get them sorted and sent out soon!
  • I've gone for 12:30 we've booked a beautiful village hall and am decorating it so its like a spring vintage garden party lots of bunting vintage crockery etc. Wedding breakfast will be with the small group we had at the ceremony then big party in the evening! So excited!!!!! image
  • Im 9th April too!!

    Getting married n Galgorm, Northern Ireland!
  • Yay! I'm getting married 9th April too!
  • LilleaukLilleauk Posts: 370
    I'm 9th April too. I'm getting married at 2.00 in my village church.

    So far I have (or I should say "Mum has" - she's an absolute star and an AMAZING wedding planner!)...

    Bought dress and organised first fitting (Dec 20th Wooo!)

    Bought veil

    Bought Bridesmaids dresses (going to choose shoes this weekend)

    Booked reception venue, photographer, cake (cupcake tower), hairdresser, band, marquee, cars, flowers (being done by lovely

    step-mother-in-law), bought favours, booked local hotel rooms for guests.

    So much still to do but we're getting there. A friend of the family is designing our invites for us but they seem to be taking a while...

    When are you planning to send your invites?
  • EleEle Posts: 592
    We're sending ours out at the beginning of Jan 2011 with a RSVP date of 14th Feb. We sent our save the dates out in May this year so know that most people will be expecting invites and will have penciled the date on to calendars etc.
  • MissFMMissFM Posts: 58
    We're planning on getting ours out early in January. I've just ordered the bits and pieces to make them and I can't wait to get on with it!

    Our RSVP date is March 1st which gives us around 5/6 weeks. I'm perfectly open to ringing people if they haven't returned them too- have heard some nightmare stories!
  • LilleaukLilleauk Posts: 370
    Thanks ladies! I got my first proof invitation today - it is amazing! I'm so pleased with it!
  • Yay - I'm 9th April too!! We've done everything, our invites will be out at the end of this month and I'm so excited!!
  • EleEle Posts: 592
    Less than 100 days to go ladies! Happy new year! x
  • LilleaukLilleauk Posts: 370
    Yay! Happy new year girls!

    Sending invites next week - whoop whoop!!!
  • EleEle Posts: 592
    We've been gradually delivering ours over Christmas, posting the ones we can't hand deliver on Tuesday. So excited! So is my mum who has been and bought a special box to keep all the rsvp cards in!
  • EleEle Posts: 592
    They've all gone, last ones posted today! can't wait to get all the rsvp's back now! Hope everyone's plans are going ok?!
  • paratyparaty Posts: 50
    hey everyone i am also getting married on the 9th april, are any of you getting married in manchester? We are pretty much sorted now apart from i am having a nightmare booking hair and make up. hope your all having lots of fun with the wedding plans and getting very excited xx
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