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a bit behind

hi ladies is it just me thats a bit behind i have booked registry office and dj,food,bridesmaids dress,s my dress got picked on saturday it will arrive in march with i think is cutting it abit cos i get married on first but they said thats how long it takes is everyone super organised and its just me or am i not the inly one?


  • No, think you are fine. Have you booked your honeymoon yet? This was the second thing I did as I am a bit of a travel lover!

    Booked my florist last week but I don't have to tell her exactly what I want till a few weeks before (good job as I have no idea)

    My dress only comes in 6 weeks before which I am a bit worried about as I keep having wobbles about it!

    Good luck with the planning. x
  • think the only thing you need to book asap is your photographer as you'll want to have a good luck round for that, but you seem to have booked the same as me, i only ordered my dress a few weeks back image good luck with the rest of planning hun x
  • hi thank you at least i know its not just me its freaking me out a bit with the dress not coming til march as i get maried on first but nothing i can do and looking round for honeymoon but will be taking my two little ones with us so not in a rush for anything romantic lol
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    We get married on 16th April 2011, we've the town hall booked for the ceremony & the evening reception room booked/paid for, caterer booked & deposit paid, dj/disco booked & deposit sent off . . . . and that's about it so far !!

    Haven't even set foot inside a bridal shop or looked at rings or anything !!!

    My mum is doing the cake and my partner's sister & husband are taking photo's/doing an album for us. So i suppose that's another 2 main things out of the way! And i have been ordering craft supplies off ebay for invites/thank you cards.

    The sister of my partner's sister's friend works at a florists and does freelance floristry on the side out of work so we are going to see if she'll sort out the flowers for us.

    Was at a wedding fayre on sunday just gone and chatting to different people, they were all gobsmacked at how laid back we've been. I didn't think we were that laid back, we've ages yet lol

    A work colleague organised her wedding in 3 weeks in August !!!!
  • i think you are fine, the only thing i would suggest is Photographer/Videographer if your having one and booking up the honeymoon.x That is all i can really think of for you.x ha ha you seem more organised than me.

    i havent done rings, band, mens suits, shoes, make up, hair, flowers and really dont have an idea over table decorations, now that is driving me insane!... i done my cake at the weekend though. image
  • Your fine!

    We have loads to do! More fun doing it now, didnt want to run out of wedding stuff months before!

    We have booked:






    bought all my diy invite bits

    room decorater

    and I have bought my dress which is in shop until march!

    That was the easy bit! Now we need to do:




    make invites etc

    hair makeup



    music choices

    etc etc etc!

    Dont worry you will be fine!

    Keep wondering what I have forgotten about!n xxx
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    Nails, Perfume and underwear!!!! lol image i am having Navy Blue knickers as my something blue as i dont want a standard garter, plus i think it will be fun!!! imageimage
  • Alnwick2bAlnwick2b Posts: 125
    Oh i forgot .......Jewelery image
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    You seem pretty organised to me. We are trying to get most things sorted. We were speaking to our cake lady kates kreative cakes and she was telling us that as long as we had put a deposit down if her prices go up ours wont, which is good as most companies are the same due to vat etc so may save you a bit if you book sooner rather than later.
  • I'm glad to hear it's not just me, everyone else seems super organised, having problems with bridesmaids dresses and colours etc and everything seems to centre on colour schemes so can't organise anything else until that is sorted.
  • I'm having the same colour scheme problem. Don't want to order bridesmaid dresses, table runners & flowers until we've decided on a colour scheme.

    We've booked & paid deposits on:




    ordered my dress but it'll be ages yet

    ordered grooms suit

    made & sent stationery

    personalised cake topper but haven't sent them our details yet image



    Cake - family sorting this!

    Whats left?


    Bridesmaid dresses

    Accessories for them & me

    DJ / Entertainment

    Sorting out menus, drinks, etc

    Table runners


    Learning how to do my own hair & makeup & buying the stuff image

    Is there anything else I've forgotten? It's a little bit overwhelming all this organising!

  • My weddings in on the 23rd of April, 2011.

    I too am running behind as the only things I have booked are the venue and photographer!!

    I am going to my first bridal shop on Saturday - fingers crossed I'll find something I like!!

    we'll be fine!!
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