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When are you buying your wedding rings?

I have no clue how far in advance I should be buying these.

H2B is so layed back and thinks the rings are nothing to worry ab out untill a couple of months before. He is also thinking of sorting his suits about a month or so before the wedding, is this right?


  • We bought both our rings last month, we only had to wait 2 weeks for them to be in store so I have them at home now.

    Im not really sure about suits. We went to order ours 2 n half months ago and I got the impression from the lady in the shop that we had left it quite late. Everyone has to go for their fittings no later than the first week in January so they can be fitted properly. Im sure everyone has different experiences though, but I hope that helps.

    Em xxx
  • We got our rings in Sept. Had a day out to Birmingham and went to the jewellery quarter, we saw ones we were after so got them. I have been told im super organised though image Also bought our suits in Sept I think it was. Found the ideal ones in Debenhams and turned out they had 25% off the following week so snapped them up. There are no rules hun, do things whenever and however you like. I dont want to leave things to the last minute as im sure there will be loads to do near the time and something is bound to go wrong. Im hoping the more I get done now, the less stressful it will be in April xx
  • We bought our wedding rings last weekend as I am a bit of a stress head and like to have things organised but we are leaving the suits till January. We actually went to one shop last week who told us that we were far to early to be looking at suits and should wait till next year. The shop were not so polite in telling us this though so hasten to add we will not be buying our suits from there!!
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    We also bought ours at the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, last weekend. We booked the suit hire a year ago and confirmed details a few weeks ago. But we too are very organised people!
  • We are going to try and get ours in the January Sales!!!!Goldsmiths had a good one last year and you can also trade in Tesco clubcard points for vouchers there.... Crikey i sound like such a cheap skate!
  • Not a cheap skate at all!! When it comes to weddings everything is so expensive so every little saving helps!! We will be getting ours in January too as we have £220 Goldsmiths from our clubcard points x Think we are looking to spend about £700 each
  • We get married in April to and were going to buy rings next week hopefully. Were off to the Birmingham Jewellery quarter. We sorted suits for groom and best man as they were both excited so wanted to sort straight away! x
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    We've just got our rings, ordered them a couple of weeks ago. Definitely make sure you look around as they can vary in price for the same ring !! I think though that if you left rings til Jan/Feb there shouldn't be any probs, but if you are actively looking in jewellers then maybe ask them about when to order/how long they take to arrive in stock.

    Suits, my OH has been loooking round and has a few ideas but hasn't sorted them yet. There's only him & best man getting suits so it isn't as though we have half a dozen or so to sort out.
  • We bought ours on Friday, purely to avoid the VAT increase in the new year. I also bought H2B's wedding present (an Omega watch) and because we were spending so much we negotiated a good discount - it definitely pays to ask!!
  • We bought ours over the summer and are picking them up over xmas, but that's only because I started looking around early as I needed a band shaped around my e-ring. Got an 18 carat white gold shaped band for me and palladium ring for h2b for £500 from an independent guy in my home town
  • Hopefully exact after Christmas!

    But we have seen them already image

    Yellow and white cold on a greek ancient style for me and a different style simple ring for John image
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    We have ours already too. Mr Vod wanted a plain platinum band and we bought his in a summer sale in August and saved almost £400. We were planning on getting mine in the January sales but when we realised the VAT increase was coming we started looking now. I found my ring in Beaverbrooks and asked the staff if it would be going in the sale. They weren't sure but said they'd knock the VAT off if I bought it that day, so we got it for almost £200 less than it was advertised for!

    Incidentally, I'd always buy jewellery as early as possible as the costs of precious metals rarely drops and always rises. My engagement ring costs much more now than it did when we got it 18 months ago.
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    We're going to order ours between xmas and new year and pay for them before the VAT rise. We chose them a few months back so know what we want and where from just a case of ordering them. Can't wait to wear it!
  • we are ordering ours tomorro! partly because they take 8 weeks to get made and also to avoid the VAT increase!
  • EleEle Posts: 592
    Yeah! Just been and ordered them today 101 days until I get to wear it! image
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