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dress fitting

i'm going for another fitting tomorrow and it will be MY dress and not a calico first time i'll have seen it imageimage sooooooo excited xx


  • DH2DKDH2DK Posts: 410
    Fantastic!!! I'm going for my first calico fitting a week on Monday and then the dress should be ready a week later, can't wait!

    Enjoy meeting your dress image
  • Hi, I am going for my first real one next wednesday, so excited to see the real thing. Picked up my birdcage veil today, it's gorgeous.
  • MrsRachIrvMrsRachIrv Posts: 674
    my dress was luuuurvely image i can't wait to wear it image trying to book my last fitting and picking up in the final week seen as though it's soooo (2 hours) away xxxxx
  • We need pictures!!!!! image
  • Ok, so this may be a strange one, but did anyone else not get that "wow" feeling when they tried on their dress for the 1st time?

    I had my fitting yesterday and I have come away feeling so down hearted about it.

    I didn't feel the need to sundenly look for something else (probably because I can't afford to) I just cant explain how I felt....?! image
  • Oh and sorry, just noticed this is an April thread. Im June. x
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    im getting married in like 46 days and havent had a dress fitting or even seen my dress , eekkkk image am i taking a huge risk ?????????? im told it will arrrive on the 15th march , watch this space !! ive only seen a picture its being made for me ..
  • OzziesWifeOzziesWife Posts: 129
    Had my first fitting about a month ago and my final fitting yesterday image
  • MrsRachIrvMrsRachIrv Posts: 674
    regencybride i didn't get any pictres everytime i go there is just something holding me back from getting one image i think its maybe cos i haven't shown hardly anyone my dress ut it's by leigh hetherington and called bethany if anyone wants to look it up image don't go again nw till the week of wdding when i'll have a fittng in the morn and pick it up and take it home later that day (as it's sooo far away) xxxxx
  • MrsJonesMrsJones Posts: 305

    I totally feel the same! Everyone keeps telling me I'll feel different on the day! Fingers crossed.
  • katyh1982katyh1982 Posts: 505
    Well I was supposed to have my final fitting and take home my dress today got all excited only to try it on and it still be too big! Aghhh! Now not getting it till week before wedding- Am sure it will be fine and in a away am glad it is being stored somewhere safe but I was all hyped up! Bah!
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    my dress should be arriving 2mrw !!!!!!!! watch this space image
  • Alnwick2bAlnwick2b Posts: 125
    i am having my first proper dress fitting tonight sooooo looking forward to it and am really looking forward to getting it out of my spare room where it has been for the last year!!!
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