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I am a graphic designer and photographer. Together with my husband (who is a photographer) we opened a business

We have great cameras with proffesional (prime, L) lenses and would love to try wedding photography. we have a few wedding photos in our portfolio however we need more

* We are from yorkshire and can travel almost anywhere (however If It is further than yorkshire we would have to have our basic expenses covered)

* we would pop by with our portfolio and If you don't like our style -we won't be offended! We would discuss the 'must have' shoots, the style you want

* we would take 'engagement' shots (pre wedding). After post-processing you can have a look at these on DVD to see if you like them.

* we would be very happy to act as a 2nd shooter if you wanted a family friend or someone else to take on the main role. We would check the place of the wedding few days before the ceremony , check all the issues, locations for time out shoots, conditions etc.

* we would stay as long as you need us to

* Give you a proffesional printed and covered dvd of high quality post-processed photos with copyright (you would be able to develop your photos everywhere -boots , jessops etc.).

* please take a look on our web page

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